Top Hosting Industry News 16th May, 2017

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Software platform Plesk announced acquisition by Oakley Capital, with expectation to grow WordPress management, DevOps and cloud businesses. In addition to web hosting services, Plesk has been looking to widen the use-cases but was restricted by capital and experience constraints. However, after acquiring Plesk for $105 million, Oakley Captical is expected to help the control panel platform grow into an all-in-one platform, providing web professionals with support for microservices and simplified cloud management, push-button access to advanced tools as Docker, while keeping highly innovative to remain leadership in the market. 

Hancom is to roll out its office software in Rwanda, through partnership with the local government and Korean telco KT. It is the Korean software developer’s first entry into Africa but not the first expansion to the global market. Last year, Hancom launched Office NEO, which is available in 10 languages and compatible with Microsoft Office, enabling users to directly upload word files to the cloud in order to share on tablets and smartphones. In the same year, the company signed a supply deal with India’s email server Rediff and Russia’s software distributor ASBIS. It also reportedly plans to have a roadshow in more emerging markets for increasing global share. 

Apteligent, the mobile app intelligence startup, will be sold to VMware. It is said that VMware shows great interest in Apteligent’s capabilities, like allowing mobile app developers and IT admins to give real-time analysis on mobile application performance, which will be helpful for bolstering VMware’s digital workspace platform as well as accelerating the development of its cross-cloud services suite. VMware regards the acquisition of Apteligent as a complement to its Wavefront deal in last month.

A new data center presence is opened in Sicily. The Open Hub Med (OHM) consortium expects to offer colocation and advanced networking services by capitalizing on several nearby submarine cable landing stations. The first project of the organization was a carrier-neutral data center in Carini. Originally scheduled to open in 2016, the Sicily data center was the second project but was delayed as a result of failing to find the most appropriate construction partner in the tender stage. 

Digitalized airport? Yes, Huawei is planning to implement IoT and autonomous machine prototypes in Hamad International Airport in Qatar for increased efficiency, security, and user experience. The Chinese networking giant has just announced entering a MoU with the Doha-based airport this week. As part of its smart city solution, Huawei aims to help accelerate digital transformation at Hamad airport to share the solutions with the community for wider benefit of the air transport industry. 

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