Top Hosting Industry News 17th April, 2017

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Comcast Business officially announced last Thursday that it now provides direct and dedicated network links to IBM Cloud network. This deal would bring Comcast Business into the completion with Verizon, AT&T, Bell Canada and other telecom service providers, which have already been providing IBM Cloud with direct connection services. 

Microsoft pushed out new Azure migration tools as well as resources, which can help with hybrid cloud setups. Specifically, Microsoft Azure migration tools would come in 3 parts, and it offers users a cloud migration assessment letting them discern cost savings. Meanwhile, the company also offers Azure Site Recovery changes help to easier migrate current VMs to Azure.

Apple never stops self-driving program, and now it even granted the permit. Last Friday, Apple has received the approval from Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to test auto-driving cars. According to a spokesman of DMV, Apple got the permit to test 3 refitted Lexus RX 459h auto-driving cars in California. At the end of the year, DMV will publish an auto-driving car test report. On the occasion, we can learn how Apple’s auto-driving technologies perform.


TechDay, the largest startup event in the US, will be held on April 18 in New York City! This is a free event for startups to attend. By far, there are 575 startups and 35,000 attendees joining in the huge party. TechDay will provide a unique change for startups to showcase their brands and images and connect with industry leaders, investors, tons of press, and other startups. 

Foxconn plans to team up with Apple to acquire Toshiba chip business. According to our resources, Apple is planning to invest at least billions of dollars to acquire over 20% shares, to make American and Japanese companies take charge in Toshiba chip business. Well, it is also reported that Foxconn has prepared about $2.7 billion to buy Toshiba chip business, including the Western Digital Group joint-stock chip factory shares. By far, either Apple or Foxconn does not confirm the news yet. 

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