Top Hosting Industry News 17th May, 2017

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Google I/O 2017 kicked off on May 17th, 2017 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA, which began with CEO Sundar Pichai taking the stage for the keynote. According to the previous conferences, this event should full of announcements and news. Android O, more Android in cars, more features for Daydream in VP area, new update to Android Wear, and new features around Google Assistant will debut on this even, as predicted.


On June 5th, Apple WWDC will be held. According to insider’s prediction, Apple will release new hardware products, which may include MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. It is only half a year since the last MacBook Pro released. New updates and upgrades may focus on processors, and three product lines will utilize Kaby Lake processor that is the seven-generation processor Intel pushed out last year.

Recently, Facebook’s FAIR announced an open source project “ParlAI”, which aims at improve the communication ability of chatting bots, so that researchers and developers can make researches on dialog. By far, ParlAI has built in more than 20 natural language data sets, including the Q&A instances collected by Stanford Microsoft and Facebook. Also, it allows using different popular machine learning databases, so it provides multiple learning channels and training for AI.

With the increasing expansion of WannaCry in the world, security and anti-virus companies’ stock prices surge a lot. Besides, some investment companies also think although Microsoft is the goal of this ransomware attack, Microsoft could benefits from it. This wide range of ransomware attack shows there are a lot of Windows OS users including individuals and enterprises still using the unprotected Windows OS versions. To protect data security, users especially the enterprise users have no choice but to update to Window latest version. That’s why Microsoft may get profits from it. 

AMD plans to launch Zen-based Naples server chip in June, which will be under the brand name Epyc. The Zen architecture is AMD’s most competitive design for new processors in the ten years. The company is emphasizing the new chips featuring high core count, large memory bandwidth, as well as support for fast input/output channels in one single chip. It makes us look forward to the stunt in June.

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