Top Hosting Industry News 18th April, 2017

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Oracle is about to acquire Dutch company Wercker for strengthening its container management service. Wercker is dedicated to providing Docker and Kubernetes management tools to help automate the process of testing and code deployment. Oracle explains the acquisition as an integration of management and automation features from Wercker into its Docker services on Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS products. 

Intel decides to cancel the annual Intel Developer Forum, which used to be a place for showcasing Intel’s latest chip products as Kaby Lake processor and latest innovations as 5G and IoT strategy. Apparently, the company doesn't think the need to have a yearly event any more as it is putting more focus on data-focused technologies, instead of PC chips.   

Google agrees to pay $7.8 million in the Android antitrust case. The company was originally accused of violating local competition rules and was filed by Russian search company Yandex in September 2015. Recently, Reuters reported that Google had reached out a settlement with Russia’s FAS, according to which Google will be not enabled for exclusivity of its apps on Android devices in Russia. As well, it will not set any restriction to any competing search engines and apps pre-installed on Android home screen. Additionally, the agreement states that a new Chrome widget will be developed by Google to replace the existing Google search widget on the home screen. 

Forrester joined Google Cloud to target the enterprise cloud computing market. The announcement came out at Google Next 2017 held in San Francisco. Besides Forrester, there were 11 thousand more clients, developers, partners, as well as analysts attending the event to discuss the latest enterprise updates of Google Cloud. Also at Next 2017, Google revealed its ambitions to improve its PaaS capabilities and become a powerful competitor to Microsoft Azure and AWS. And the tech giant is trying to integrate AI into its cloud offerings. 

Telehouse—the carrier-neutral colocation provider—announced the launch of a direct connectivity service, which makes its data centers in the US linked to AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The service was initially introduced to Telehouse data centers in Africa, Middle East, and Europe, allowing customers to use a dedicated private connection when purchasing and managing access to major pubic cloud providers. As a sub-brand of Japanese telecom leader KDDI, Telehouse privately owns and operates 48 data centers all over the world. It sees the great opportunity of enterprises being more relying on cloud computing and hopes its Cloud Link service achieve the same success in US as in other regions. 

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