Top Hosting Industry News 19th April, 2017

Facebook f8 now is holding in San Jose, launching some important new features. The two-day event totally has more than 50 seminars, evolving Instagram, Oculus, Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as AI. There are four most interesting and significant features announced on the event, namely AR platform Camera Effects with new AP Studio and Frame Studio, VR social media Facebook Spaces (Beta), Messenger 2.0 driven by AI, and Facebook Workplace integrating with Microsoft OneDrive and Office! 

Oracle Acquires Moat, creating the most comprehensive Cloud Platform in the world. And, the cloud platform is special for marketing data as well as analytics. With the acquirement agreement, Oracle Data Cloud will include Moat, and the combination will create the connection between marketing data and consumer attention, which is for better business outcomes as well as media experiences.

Google and PayPal reach an agreement, and all PayPal users will become Google Android Pay’s users. The two giants in the mobile payment field have signed a cooperation contract, and they will make their users’ account realize intercommunity. It means the Android Pay users whose devices include the NFC communication module can use PayPal account to purchase offline. Meanwhile, they can also make purchases inside Android via PayPal payment.

Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s vice president, and chairman and CEO for China announced that to meet the increasing demands, Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing scale will double in China in the next 12 months. Microsoft Azure has covered 28 districts for commercial usage, operated in Beijing and Shanghai in China. In the next few years, Azure will increase at least 1 0 times. On the occasion, it will surpass the sum of Aliyun, AWS, and Google Cloud services.

The cloud security leader Netskope now teams up with Facebook on safe collaboration for Workplace. The company releases the Netskope for Workplace that is a new solution offering full visibility and control for enterprise collaboration platform. By far, this is the most comprehensive solution in CASB platform giving the security teams deep insights into and control of data and files in Workplace, protecting against ransomware and malware, ensuring regulatory compliance, and more. 

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