Top Hosting Industry News 20th March, 2017

Wanda announces to cooperate with IBM to expand its public cloud business in China. This strategic cooperation between Wanda new cloud company and IBM can help Wanda rapidly enter Chinese cloud market via enterprise IBM Cloud platform, which is specially designed to satisfy the rapidly growing business demands in China. Once customers purchase Wanda cloud service, they can get IBM IaaS, PaaS, IBM Watson AI system, blockchain, IoT, etc. 

Google opens source new JPEG algorithm reducing 35% file size. It is Google Guetzli. Comparing with the traditional JPEG algorithm, the new image encoder can save about 35% file size or it can evidently improve the JPEG image quality when keeping the file size unchanged. Most importantly, different from the image compression ways of WebP and WebM, Google Guetzli can be fully compatible with current browsers, devices, pictures, editor apps, and JPEG standards. 

Tencent will push out cloud computing platform, TenCloud. It is estimated that the cloud computing platform will be available on 11 March, offering the back end support for developers. Namely, TenCloud will provide developers the cloud computing and cloud storage. Besides, they can use TenCloud servers to support their applications’ back bend, to decrease the costs of development and deployment. So, TenCloud can help them focus on their application. 

IBM launces the most secure enterprise-ready blockchain environment via IBM Cloud. On IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM pushed out new IBM Blockchain, which is the first enterprise-ready blockchain service, based on Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric v.1.0. The new service can help developers quickly build as well as host security-rich protection blockchain networks on IBM Cloud. By far, it is regarded as the highest certified level of protections for commercial servers. 

Microsoft finally decides to stop Office 2007 on 10 Oct, 2017. Now, besides Windows Vista, Office 2007 products are going to be abandoned, including Dynamics GP 10, Sharepoint Server 2007, SL 7, Office Visio 2007, and Virtual PC 2007. Within the year, Microsoft will stop the technical support on the, meaning there will be no security update, non-security updates, free or paid add-ons, or on-line content update. As for Office for Mac 2011 suite and Windows Phone 8.1, MS will transfer them from mainstream support to extended support.

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