Top Hosting Industry News 24th April, 2017

Microsoft may announce Windows 10 Cloud and devices based on this OS to compete with Google Chromebooks. According to some leaks, some insiders predict that Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud will debut on its spring event MicrosoftEDU. Regarded as a simple source platform, whose devices comes with 4GB RAM, quad core of Celeron or better processors, and 32GB or 64GB storage. The features such as all-day battery life and short cold boot time and first sign-in time denotes Windows 10 Cloud devices will directly compete with Chromebooks. 

Next-generation graphic memory is comes out from SK Hynix. The company has developed an 8Gb GDDR6 DRAM which integrates with a forthcoming cutting-edge graphics card with 384-bit IOs, enabling it to process up to 768 GB/s of graphics data. Comparing with GDDR5, it can process 2 times faster with 16Gb/s per pin I/O data rate. This super-fast graphic memory will be massively produced in 2018.

Google plans to develop a plug-in ad-blocker in Chrome. It is reported that Google and Coalition for Better Ads industry group have discussed the issue to add the ad-blocker feature in Chrome. The rumor spread before arose a panic in the ad industry, but the fact is that Google’s ad-blocker could not affect advertisers and media companies, because Google’s goal is to deliver better user experience. Meanwhile, this action can drive the ad industry to improve ad experience online and create better ads.

Megaport announced global cloud collaboration with Oracle. This Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Silver level member and Oracle come together to deliver an easy and cost-effective way for companies to create the dedicated as well as private connectivity to Oracle Cloud, which allows easy and fast scalability when business demands change. 

Linux Foundation launches new EdgeX Foundry that is an open source project to create a common open framework for IoT edge computing. Now, there are 50 companies joining the project whose initiative is around one goal of standardization and simplification of enterprise IoT edge computing. The new EdgeX Foundry unifies the IoT marketplace and promotes enterprise as well as industrial IoT deployments.

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