Top Hosting Industry News 28th April, 2017

Google now is extending the “Not Secure” warning to any HTTP websites for users. From Chrome 56 version, Google starts to mark HTTP sites with “Not Secure” in their address bars, which makes a 23% reduction of the navigations on the HTTP sites with user’s credit card or password on desktop. Now, Google is extending this warning to the HTTP websites in which user information is entered. From October, 2017, Google will enable its Chrome 62 to perform the extending warning.

Cloud Elements announced that it would collaborate with IBM to expand its SaaS connectivity in IBM App Connect. With this partnership, the company will deliver new connectors in IBM’s primer cloud integration platform, App Connect. The collaboration aims at allowing users to quickly connect apps to boost productivity and automate tasks.

Amazon today releases its revenue in the first three months of 2017, which shows the company receives $35.7 billion in all, and $724 million of net profits. Comparing with the revenues and profits in the same period last year, it realizes 23% and 41% increase respectively. Seeing the revenue specifics, we find its AWS still leads the profits, reaching up to $890 million. Cloud hosting takes the domination, rather than its retail business.

Microsoft reported Q3 2017 revenue yesterday, which told us that there is $23.6 billion revenue and $5.7 billion net income. The company has surpassed the results for the same period last year. Specifically, its Azure revenue gets up 93%, Windows increases 5%, but its Surface gets down 26%. The results also show that Microsoft Intelligent cloud, including Windows Server as well as Azure, increased 11%, productivity & business processes including Office and Office 365, grew 22%, but its personal computing business including Windows devices (Xbox, phones, and Surface) and licensing declined 7%.

Equinix is going to receive 250 Verizon employees. The company is making a deal to acquire 29 Verizon datacenters for $3.6 billion. Once the acquisition is closed, the company will bring on over 250 Verizon datacenter employees, which is to ensure the support to these newly bought sectors and sites, and most Verizon datacenter employees are willing to join Equinix. 

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