Top Hosting Industry News 29th March, 2017

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The Linux Foundation announced that AT&T is a Platinum member now. AT&T joining the nonprofit advancing professional open source management shows its commitment to the open source as well as leadership in Open Networking! Now, the Platinum members of Linux Foundation has AT&T, Huawei, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Oracle, NEC, Samsung, and Qualcomm Technologies. All of them will come together next week at Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara. 

Aliyun officially released “ET Medical Brain”. In the 2017 Computing Conference in Shenzhen, Aliyun introduced its “ET Medical Brain”, which adopts deep learning technology and learns a large number of case data to improve medial skills. It can take the act as the assistant of real doctors, in terms of medical image, precision medicine, drug efficacy digging, new drug development, and health management. For example, Aliyun ET AI has learned 20,000 thyroid photographs shot by ultrasonic thyroid nodule system. Generally, people’s accuracy of diagnosis is about 60% to 70%, but with the help of Aliyun ET AI, the accuracy goes beyond doctors’ only.

WOW! Intel has confirmed the Optane Memory Technology would come to PCs. Just Last week Intel issued Optane Memory Technology and announced that the fast storage with SSD solutions would come to data centers. Now, Intel affirmed that the Optane SSD storage would go to PCs as well! It can elevate the performance and enhance storage on many OEM machines, by delivering faster load times!

Microsoft recently has submitted suspected user’s email to British Government. For the decision, some people support it, and some others are against it. The story is that after London terror, Khalid Masood was locked as the suspicion of the terrorist attack, and British also found Khalid ever used Whats app, but due to encryption protocol, they could not fetch the detailed information. Therefore, British asked Microsoft to cooperate and submit his email record. Microsoft said it would cooperate with the government within the law, but if the government wants to go beyond the field, it strongly disagrees. MS chief legal officer Brad Smith also emphasized that Microsoft will never illegally hack into an ordinary account.

Congress just obliterated the rules of forbidding ISPs from selling people’s browsing history. This bill is a bomb once published, because it means ISPs can be free to share user data with advertisers. If President Trump signs it, this resolution will go into effect immediately. Evolving in leaking private information, it must cause users’ discontent! However, for ISPs, this resolution is of course a big opportunity to enter in the field and ISPs are absolutely the final beneficiaries.

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