Top Hosting Industry News 30th March, 2017

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EnginFrame 2017 now is available with Amazon Linux. EnginFrame 2017 is a high-performance computing software developed by Nice Software to make the deployment and use of HPC more easier on AWS infrastructure. All new custers launched with EnginFrame 2017 are ensured to be hosted exclusively in AWS Virtual Private Cloud, and all the data are stored on the AWS Elastic File System. In this way, users can be organized by making use of the AWS Directory Service and the service can be spread out by making use of AWS’ Application Load Balancer feature. EnginFrame 2017 is seen as a significant update since the Nice Software acquisition by AWS last year. 

PPC ads cannot give accurate answers to what titles will perform the best in the organic results, according to testing at Title tags have long been a critical factor for CTR from search engine results pages, in addition to the on-page ranking. But it is also the truth that testing title tag CTR is difficult and needs not only quite a lot of pages with many organic visits but also a pretty big chunk of time. Therefore PPC ads become the most common measure to help bring with the winning tag titles. The latest testing data released by contributor Brian Wood from shows that PPC results are not always accurate and effective, even worse, they sometimes give victory to losing title tags. 

Google is saying to distrust Symantec’s security certificates. Symantec is accused of improperly issuing at least 30,000 certificates for encrypted web connections. The search engine giant quietly launches an announcement of lowering the level and length of trust for Symantec’s certificates in its Chrome browser. But Symantec, the leading SSL certificate provider with 30% market share on the web, denies the charge and says that Google is doing irresponsible thing and misleading users. 

The new release of Kubernetes is expected to make its debut this week. The node clusters of the latest Kubernetes 1.6 version will expand to 5,000, increasing by about 50%, meaning that Kubernetes will be able to manage as many as 25,000 Docker containers at once. Meanwhile, this version will also include new capabilities for Daemon Sets and for networking, in addition to the general availability release of StorageClasses, Role-Based Access Control, beta release of taints and tolerations, and etc. 

Dell Technologies has become a Platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation—a part of the Linux Foundation to sustain and integrate open source technologies and create a new set of common containers. Dell Technologies is committed to joining forces with other existing Platinum members like CoreOS, Fujitsu, Cisco, Google, IBM, Docker, Intel, Joyent, Red Hat, Mesosphere, Supernap, Samsung SDS, and Huawei in the industry to contribute open source software so as to advance cloud native adoption. 

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