Top Hosting Industry News 9th Feb, 2017

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More Than Half of Global Websites Use HTTPS: HTTP Accelerates the Phase-Out! In the early years, all the data transmitted over HTTP is unencrypted and plaintext, so using HTTP to transmit private information is very unsafe! To ensure these data to be encrypted, SSL was designed to encrypt the data transmitted over HTTP. Therefore, HTTPS was born. With the tendency of enhancing online security, more and more websites apply SSLs. By far, Firefox Telemetry has monitored that there are around 50% websites using HTTPS, including Google and Facebook.


NetEase May Manage Google Play Store in China! It is reported that Alphabet Google Play Store will enter Chinese market, and even NetEase has been connecting with Google to talk about set up a joint venture company, which is for pushing out Google Play Store in China! That whether Google and NetEase can provide Play Store in Chinese mainland via the joint venture company depends on Chinese government. If they can, it will be regarded as one of the steps of Google returning Chinese mainland market, but have limited affection on return. 

Facebook’s developer conference will be held in San Jose, Calif. on April 18. Today Facebook opens the registration for its annual f8 developer conference and public detailed information about f8, including the conference location that is San Jose, Calif., date on April 18 and 19, and the general schedule of the conference. Note: Facebook will close the registration application on this February 21. For developers, f8 will be a feast, because Facebook totally arranges more than 50 seminars, involving engineering, media, advertising, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and artificial intelligence. 

DataEye gets new round of financing to enhance its traffic data service. In the beginning of 2017, DataEye, a high-profile internet big data firm, announces that it has completed a new round of financing, and GreatWall Fund lead this investment, while SCGC and ABC Capital, its old sharehoulders both participate in it. This is the new round of financing DataEye gets after more than one year. In the winter capital of 2016, the financing can completely present the strength of DataEye. Additionally, the financing will be used to accelerate DataEye’s development in terms of the combination between data and various industries, as well as new app application development.

Oracle Database 12.2 will be issued in March 2017. Oracle updated key text: 742060.1 in MOS on 2017, Jan 26th. In the text, Oracle has clearly said the schedule data of issuing the long-awaited Oracle Database local edition. According to the chart below, Oracle 12.2 local edition, based on Solaris and Linux will be pushed out on US time 2017, March 15 as planning. As for other platforms and operating systems, such as Windows, HP-UX and AIX, Oracle 12.2 will be announced in the second quarter of 2017. Of course, the support plans of Oracle 12.2 will be updated as well.

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