VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

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VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting - Which Hosting is better for Your Business?

When you have had your website operating your business online for few years now, then it is time to upgrade from a lower hosting package to a better hosting plan which provides you with powerful features and more control. Two of the most popular website hosting plans, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In virtual private server web hosting plan, you can host your website virtually. The need to have your website run on a single server, which can be expensive, is not there. However, on the dedicated web hosting package, you can use a single server for your website and have access to all the features.

Let us read about both the hosting packages and find out which it better for your business.

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual private server web hosting plan is a web hosting package which allows you to host your website on a single server, virtually. However, your website is sharing resources virtually. It is running on a single server. The CPU, bandwidth, frequency, are shared by your website with other websites.

But, the best part about this web hosting plan is that, since it is virtual, your website can avoid sharing other resources with other websites. There is a limited usage of CPU, bandwidth and that might be great news for large establishments who want efficient website hosting plans.

The advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting

The advantages of the virtual private server are that it is cost effective. If you are looking for cost effective web hosting plan, then this is it. You get excellent features at a reasonable price. The plan helps your website grow. That is possible through instant scalability which happens because of the features present on the web server.

The upgrades are instant and you do not need to reboot. This is a great feature which you will want to note. There is customization of software which allows you to decide what to do, when to do as you have entire control over administration access. The hardware including hard drive storage capacity, memory, network access, and processing power, is offered in a single account. VPS are different from dedicated hosting packages as you can run your hosting account from one computer/server. The virtual private servers share a single server.

However, the basic features which are offered in the dedicated hosting plans are provided by VPS. Since the server is being shared in the VPS, the security is poor when compared to the dedicated hosting. The disadvantages of this plan are that you have to share resources. When you have to share resources then the chances of experiencing slow speeds during loading of your website is there.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated website hosting is a hosting method where your website has its own server. This is extremely advantageous as you can do what you like, when you like. The main benefit of using this kind of web hosting plan is that you can easily recover all your data of your website. This is a feature that cannot be found on other web hosting packages.

If you have lost all your data due to a server crash, then you cannot recover all your data of your website. That is something which can cause a severe backlash. When you are operating a large establishment, then it is sad news. But, using this web hosting plan, you do not have to worry about server crash or your website getting hacked into as your data is safe.

The advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting?

The advantages of dedicated web hosting plan are that it is a powerful hosting package. Through this web hosting package you can easily have your website hosted on a single server. The resources are entirely yours and you can make changes as and when you want. You are entirely isolated, which means you can work at your own pace.

Since there is no shared hardware, it allows you to work faster. However it is very costly. If you are running a small firm, then you will want to think about it. Buying a web hosting plan can be out of your reach. However, when you feel that your goals are matching with the dedicated hosting packages, then you may want to consider buying it.


It is going to be difficult to point out which hosting package is good for your business because both VPS and dedicated hosting are good. VPS offers you with good features at reasonable rates while dedicated hosting provides you with powerful features at high prices. It is up to you to decide which hosting package you find useful for your website requirements.

Dedicated hosting packages provide you with the most powerful choices available though some high-end VPS plans can match with the lower performing dedicated servers. If you are looking for a hosting plan that comes at a lower cost and offers features which can help in improving the rankings of your website, then VPS hosting plan it is.

However, when you want a powerful hosting package which can provide inaccessible security and excellent features, then dedicated hosting plan should suit your business.


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