Web Hosts with 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

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In web hosting industry, most of web hosts offer 30 days money back guarantee, which means people could request full-refund or partially refund within the first 30 days. However, who offers the longest money back guarantee? After reviewing hundreds of web hosts in the industry, we found there are only 2 web hosts who guarantee 90 days money back guarantee. And according to the customer reviews data we have in the database, no surprise, both of them have very high customer satisfaction rate.

90daysmoneybackThese two companies are ImotionHosting and WebHostinghub. In fact, they are the same company, WebHostingHub is child brand under InmotionHosting. WebHostingHub mainly targets at individuals and small businesses, while InmotionHosting is mainly offering  businesses-class hosting solutions.

InmotionHosting guarantees 90 days full money back and then prorated refund after the first 90 days. Probably no other web host can provide you a better term than InMotionHosting.  The company is a global eco-friendly provider with the only industry exclusive Max Speed Zone with a high satisfaction rate.  To gain more knowledge about the companies please go to InmotionHosting Review page or you can visit www.inmotionhosting.com, the company is promoting their service with 30% off, people could pay as low as $4.89/mo to use their serivce.

As one of the most efficient web page hosts, Webhostinghub offers a 90 day money back guarantee to enable their customers a 90 day trial before to see if Webhostinghub matches their needs.  The company is well known and has a good reputation in the hosting industry. According to our data, 98% of its customers would like to recommend WebHostingHub to their friends.

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The latest WebHostingHub promotion is that 44% off for yearly plan plus $1.95/mo only for the first 3 months if you go with 2 years or 3 years service term, which makes WebHostingHub one of the most budget web hosting in the world. Find out more information about it, please visit www.webhostinghub.com or check out WebHostinghub Review.

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Even better, these two companies also allows for anytime money back. If you want to cancel your service after the first 90 days, they could offer a prorated refund to my account.

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