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Weebly and Squarespace are two website builders offering modern and professional website building services. Targeted at similar customers, Weebly and Squarespace share a lot of similarities in many aspects. To help potential customers to make a choice between the two website builders, Weebly and Squarespace will be compared from different aspects in the following.


Launched in 2006, Weebly is one of the most famous website builders with easy to use drag and drop editor, remarkable features and friendly customer support. Weebly has helped more than 30 million people from all over the world to create their websites, and over 250 million unique visitors are going to over 30 million Weebly sites every month.

On the other hand, Squarespace is a SaaS-based website builder, having been used to create millions of websites. It is a private company, so it does not disclose premium paid user base right now, making it impossible to compare the growth rate of paid plan users between Squarespace and Weebly. Besides, unlike Weebly and many other website builders, Squarespace only provides premium paid plans. Thus comparing the paid user proportion of all registered users between Weebly and Squarespace could not be achieved, too.

Besides, according to Google Trends, both Weebly and Squarespace keep increasing trends in searching results, showing they both become more and more popular between customers. In comparison, Weebly is getting more searches than Squarespace.

Weebly Squarespace Google Trends

Pricing Policy

The biggest difference between Weebly and Squarespace in pricing policy is that Weebly has a lifetime free plan while Squarespace does not provide free plan at all.

Weebly free plan includes all the basic features you may need to build a highly professional website, including unlimited web pages and a professional domain name. Although all the web pages will display Weebly footer-ad on the bottom, those ads are not noticeable at all.

Weebly provide three different premium plans, Starter plan, Pro pan and Business plan. Weebly premium plans all include much more functionalities and features, custom domain name and a 30 day money back guarantee. The starting price for Weebly premium plan is $8/mo, which very affordable for the reason that it includes various features. And the highest plan, Business plan, charges at $25/mo, offering excellent full featured eCommerce websites and removes all the transaction fee.

Based on different services and service levels, Squarespace offers plans in different categories, landing page, website and business. As landing page is very popular among customers, Squarespace pricing policy is very flexible and convenient. All the three plans for building websites provide a free custom domain for annual solution. What’s more, customers could get a 14 day free trial without filling credit card information to test Squarespace websites, which makes up for no free plan.

However, Squarespace $8/mo plan has a limitation of only 20 web pages, while $8/mo in Weebly could cover a limited number of web pages, blogs and galleries. So Weebly is cheaper and affordable than Squarespace.

Easy to Use Features and eCommerce

With no complicated or sophisticated interface and no coding required, Weebly provides a pure drag and drop editor and one of the most user friendly interface. Every element on Weebly web pages is considerately designed and fully features, which could be edited and inserted on Weebly clear interface. In this way, the company helps customers to set up all kinds of stunning websites just in a few minutes, and all Weebly sites could be operated under multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Weebly also create their own iOS and Android mobile applications, making it possible to optimize the mobile version of all Weebly sites. Weebly eCommerce platform and blogging platform are also powerful. Equipped with all basic eCommerce features, customers could import products from other services, sell all kinds of products, keep track of orders and more.

In comparison, Squarespace websites are all divided into different sections such as footer, header and body, each of which includes blocks like images, galleries, forms and so on. The Squarespace sidebar lists all kinds of customizable elements. Customers could edit and customize any element by just a click of a button, and customers could also preview their websites. To give more freedom to customers, the company opens up their codes so customers have access to edit and insert their own HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding with native development tools.

Recently, Squarespace launched an eCommerce feature called commerce, enabling customers to sell physical products, digital products and even services with a various kinds of customization options. Squarespace commerce also has a robust tax system. However, this feature needs extra fees and it has a limitation in payment option.

Template Library

In terms of template comparison, Weebly provides quite a large template library with more than 100 pre-made professionally designed templates. Every template is promised to be responsive and mobile friendly, and every template is equipped with impressing powerful customizable features and tools. Offering an Advanced Theme Editor to all Weebly customers, Weebly enables customers to have the authority to visit HTML and CSS codes to fully customize their templates. Even if you have chosen one template, you can still change it into another template with all the contents on webpages remained at any time you want.

Weebly Template Aimed at providing clean and professional templates, Squarespace only comes with over 30 templates, however, each template has its unique structure and is featured as visually pleasing, professionally designed and user friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. Squarespace style editor gives customers full control of template style by customizable options of the spacing of the header, logo height, font, background and typography settings for the entire website.

In a word, both website builders have great template collections, but Weebly is far more diverse in various kinds of themes.

Third Party Apps

Weebly App Center divides their third party apps into five categories, marketing, tools, communication, eCommerce and social, covering all kinds of customer needs to extend the functionalities of the Weebly websites. Weebly App Center even allows their customers to install custom applications, offering multiple customizable options.

Squarespace does not provide many kinds of third party tools as Weebly and many other website builders. Customers could only extend website functionalities by editing and inserting HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, which is a limitation to many customers without technical skills of programming and coding.

Customer Support

Weebly stellar support team has a very good reputation for their 24/ 7 customer support through phone, live chat and email. What’s more, Weebly online help center displays many questions that customers often come across when creating their websites, making it possible for customers to find the solutions to their problems in a short time on their own.

Squarespace offers 24/ 7 email support and live chat support during weekdays, it does not offer phone call support. Squarespace one to one workshop guarantees that every in-person workshop session lasts no more than 45 minutes, solving the problems as fast as they can. Squarespace knowledge base, video tutorials and community forum together help customers to take part in discussions and find answers to hundreds of questions.


Weebly is easy to use and powerful enough for both personal use and business use, while Squarespace is also a unique website builder with comprehensive features. Both website builders have their own outstanding advantages as well as some disadvantages. Customers are free to choose either one of them according to their own needs.

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