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Weebly and Webs are two website builders sharing a lot of similarities as well as some differences in some aspects, which can be quite confusing for their potential customers. In the following, a profound and unbiased comparison will be made to help potential customers make an easier choice between the two website builders.

History and Popularity

Founded in 2001, Webs is one of the oldest online tools in website building industry. The company has kept growing and expanding in these years. Up to now, Webs has helped create more than 55 million websites across the world, recognized as one of the most popular website builders as Wix and Squarespace.

Compared to Webs, Weebly is little bit younger and this company was launched in the year of 2006. With a history difference, it should come as no surprise that Weebly hosts less websites, which is nearly 30 million with over 250 million unique visitors.

For the reason that Weebly and Webs both offer free plans, these figures of the overall number of websites created indicate the total number of registered user base instead of premium paid plan users and real active users. So this comparison does not completely reflect the real popularity of both website builders.

According to Google Trends statistics, Weebly is getting far more searches than Webs, and the trend keeps increasing. On the other hand, the searching trend of Webs is decreasing. The trend comparison shows that Weebly turns out to be more popular among users.

Weebly Webs in Goolge Trends

Pricing Policy

Weebly owns one free plan and three premium plans. Weebly free plan includes every basic function you need to build a high quality site, which is capable of creating limited web pages and hosting the sites with not very noticeable ads located in the bottom. But Weebly premium plans, Starter, Pro and Business, include much more features such as custom domain name and 30 day money back guarantee. The starting price for Weebly premium plan is $8/mo, which is not much at all for its various features. And the highest plan, Business, offers excellent eCommerce features and removes all the transaction fee.

In comparison, Webs claims to provide flexible pricing policy without any hidden fees, and the company also offers both free plan and premium paid plans. Webs free plan is quite restricted that users can only have five pages, little templates and can only add five products to eCommerce stores. Webs premium paid plans all include a free custom domain and 30 day money back guarantee with a starting price as low as $5.99/mo. But Starter plan and Enhanced plan both have storage and bandwidth restrictions, charging additional fees for customers.

In a word, although Weebly has a higher starting price, its pricing policy system is more customer friendly and less tricky than Webs.

Easy to Use Features

Weebly is a very easy to use website builder allowing customers to set up any kinds of websites just in a few minutes without any technical skills or related knowledge required. Weebly is simple as well as powerful enough to provide a large range of stunning features under multiple operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Customers can also create Weebly mobile optimized websites with Weebly mobile app for iOS and Android. With each element thoughtfully designed and fully featured, a variety of elements on the webpages could be added in its clear interface. Besides, Weebly offers a native eCommerce system with support and blogging platform.

On the other hand, Webs is also an easy to use drag and drop editor. With redo and undo buttons as handy safety measures on Webs interface, customers will feel more confident in creating, editing and deleting elements with just a click of button. Webs column editor is another tool to make drag and drop interface easier, offering a snap-to-grid for precise perfect ratio measurements while resizing the columns. Just like Weebly, Webs also has its own eCommerce features and blogging engine.

Webs has unique features that Weebly does not have, but Weebly have more customization options than Webs and it offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for all premium plan users while Webs has a strict limitation. So it is hard to decide which website builder is doing better in terms of ease of use.

Template Library

Weebly offers more than 100 pre-made templates to users. The number may be not very impressing, but all of Weebly templates are professionally designed and fit in with any unique palate. Every Weebly template is mobile-friendly and is equipped with powerful customization tools, enabling customers to changing the text font, header, color scheme, background image and all major website elements.

Weebly is outstanding from other website builders that every Weebly template features an Advanced Theme Editor, making it possible that customers could have access to full HTML and CSS codes to fully customize the templates. And Weebly templates could be changed at any time if you have already made a choice.

Weebly Template

Webs offers around 450 neat customizable, mobile-optimized pre-made templates covering more than 20 different industries, meeting all kinds of needs. Although Webs seems to do better in terms of the amount of templates, however Webs templates fonts and content layout are outdated and not attractive. What’s more, Webs customization only includes the color, font, hover, size, which are not very deep. The company also fails in providing access to customize the source code HTML and CSS, which is a great limit.

Third Party Apps

Weebly provides a number of third party tools in five categories, marketing, tools, communication, eCommerce and social. Despite the fact that Weebly App Center is still young and still growing, it is offering enough applications in the store to extend the functionalities of Weebly websites. And what separates Weebly from other website builder is their App Center allowing customers to install custom apps with multiple customizable options. Webs also has its own app store, providing both free and paid third party tools, but the number of third party tools are quite small. Right now Webs has decided to close the app store, leaving only 10 items developed by Webs itself. So if you want to extend the features and functions of your Webs websites, the choice could be very restricted.

Customer Support

With a good reputation in customer support, Weebly provides 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat and email to anyone by Weebly stellar support team. Weebly online help center divided in detailed categories makes it possible that customers can find the solutions to their problems and solve them on their own in a short time. The company also provides tutorials and active social network accounts.

However, Webs free plan users only have a very limited support such as forum discussions instead of one-on-on attention. To users in different premium plan, Webs customer support are also different, and the Starter plan users can only get email support.


With all the analysis stated above, you could find that Webs is a pretty good website builder, however, there are quite a few drawbacks like limited functions for free plan and paid starter plan, boring templates, little third party tools and poor customer support. On the contrary, Weebly has a better performance and keeps improving. In a conclusion, Weebly is a better choice compared to Webs.

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