Week 2017/11/06 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

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During the week, there are some interesting news and important events related to web hosting industry, released. To help our readers who want learn the industry better, we conclude the top 5 web hosting industry of the week in below:

Twitter finally announced to expand its character count to 280 which started from this week. It is not test any more, but expanded to all users. For many users who want to post with more emojis or words, this is indeed good news, but for Twitter itself, the change is controversial. However, no matter how controversial, Twitter need this change to allows user make their messages more interesting or express their though better.

On October 10, Nvidia released its earnings for Q3, which beats the estimation. In detail, the company gained a revenue of $2.64 billion, which is over the expectation of $2.36 billion, up 32% from a year ago. As for net income, it was at $838 million, increasing by 55% from the same period of last year. The diluted earnings per share is at $1.33, which was previously expected at $0.94 only.

On Wednesday, Qualcomm launched that it has started selling a new server chip named Centriq 2400 and claimed that the new product based in ARM technology and made by Samsung is much better than its rival Intel’s. T Once it was announced, some major server chip buyers such as Google showed its support. By selling server chips, Qualcomm shows its ambition to beat Intel’s dominate position in the profitable business area.

Intel and AMD announce to partner to developer high-performance pairing of CPU and graphics. This move is not only for the companies to improve their server chips, but also to increase their competitiveness in compete with Nvidia in the gaming laptop field. Under the partnership, the two companies will bundle to deliver high-performance in a small form factor. 

Apple this week also made a different event which may influence on its new device issued in the near future. It acquired InVisage Technologies, which was a startup specializing in nanotechnology, relating to image sensors. This news has been confirmed by both sides, but as usually, Apple spokesperson did not talked about the plans or purpose about. The company is now working on ever-smaller and more powerful computing devices, so the outsiders think that the acquisition may be related to making full use of the startup’s technology to make some change on its new devices.

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