Week 2017/11/13 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

During this week, there are many exciting or surprising events happening to the large companies in the industry, such as Qualcomm, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Twitter, and so on. And these events are related to social media, cloud services, cyber security, etc. The following events are part of them.

This week, Qualcomm and Broadcom both clearly showed their attitude towards the acquisition of Qualcomm. Although Qualcomm has firmly rejected its rival Broadcom’s $103 billion takeover bid, and said Broadcom’s offer certainly undervalued it and Broadcom would confront the regulatory hurdles, Broadcom still showed its determination on this deal and would spare no effort to push the deal. Qualcomm’s rejection and Broadcom’s decision both could cause the largest acquisition battle in the tech area. 

Twitter has recently been making some big changes. This week, the large social media announced new guideline saying that Twitter is removing Verification with a bright blue check mark on site from a whole lot of accounts soon. The purpose is to avoid the abuse of verification for fraud. Also, the verification is not available for individuals still. 

Google announced to update its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in the next few months, which shows Google more regards as important the whole experience. The updated AMP will prevent websites from distorting pages. AMP, based on AMP HTML, is an open source program that can limit the codes in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which would influence on page loading speed. Google said the technology can help Nexus5 mobile phones have page loading time be increased by between 15% and 85% under the 3G network.

Obama-era rules about equal treatment of web traffic now are in danger again under the Trump’s government. This week, there is source saying that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is planning to vote for the issue of keeping the rules or not, and the vote will be hosted next month. Actually, the rules had ever caused hot discussion for a year. This vote would reignite the debate again. 

Chinese largest ecommerce company Alibaba Group this week spent 800 million RMB in purchasing a land covering an area of 14.03 square meters in Nanjing, China. It is worth noting that the whole area of the new site is twice the size of its Hangzhou Headquarter. It means the company is planning to set up a new headquarter in the Nanjing.

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