Week 2017/11/27 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

During this week, we find there were a lot of good news that tech firms in the web hosting industry collaborating on expanding operating systems, launching new cloud hosting services, releasing new plugins, features, and tools to enhance IoT capabilities and so on. In below, we just pick out several big events that readers may be interested in.

AWS re:Invent 2017 should be most busy news this week. At the event, being a host, Amazon’s AWS really highlights its position, releasing a series of new services and tools related to IoT, cloud computing, machine learning, AR, VR and more. Among those services, AWS specially introduced many services with AI, security, and management tools for pushing its IoT to edge devices based on AWS cloud platform, such as new AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT Analytics, IoT Device Defender, etc.

5G is coming soon with the efforts from 5G leaders. This week, Verizon Communications Inc., the number one application of next-gen broadband service leader, announced that the company will push wireless residential broadband services in 3 of 5 U.S. markets next year. Being the first app of 5G wireless Verizon introduced will take advantage of radio signals instead of fiber cables or copper to offer unprecedented wireless speed for Internet access. 

Google published a post on Chomium blog that it will block down third party software injections on Chrome for Windows in 2018 July. The company said there are two of three users of Chrome on Windows using third-party software and injecting code into Chrome, such as some anti-virus, but the software makes Chrome program be more likely to crash. Meanwhile, Google introduced that users could use some plugins of Chrome and the ways of browsing sites to replace the third-party software.

VMware and AWS reached an agreement to extend their hybrid cloud collaboration that they announced at AWS re:Invent that they launch disaster recovery-as-a-service (aka: DRaaS) added to VMware Cloud on AWS. The new hybrid cloud solution will provide the enterprise customers having locally deployed data centers with new DRaaS and available zones. The new VMware Cloud DRaaS on AWS is now available to the customers in US East region.  

Early this day, Google announced new personnel change that there are two Dianes to run Google Cloud now. In fact, Dianes Bryant was the former senior executive of Intel, and now she has been employed as the COO of Google Cloud. Dianes Bryant has rich experience in AI, DC management, and PC business. So, she will have great help to push Google’s efforts making now, and help Google to compete with AWS with AI and machine learning technologies.

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