Week 2017/12/04 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

This week is a busy week for the tech and science as well as the web hosting industry, because those participants in these fields are acting positively. We saw that Xiaomi’s Indian unit turned profitable in this fiscal ended March 2017 according to its earnings report, Bitcoin prices diverge widely as demand overwhelms exchanges, and so on. In below, we pick out 5 interesting or significant events happening during this week.

During this week, Facebook’s new message application is a resounding tool, because it is developed especially for kids under 13. Facebook named the new message apps for kids under 13 as Messenger Kids. It is quite different from Facebook that requires users are above 13. Messenger Kids targets children under 13 but still requires parents to help set up accounts. Meanwhile, parents can control their video and images their kids are watching or sending via Facebook accounts. 

Qualcomm this week announced new flagship chip Snapdragon 845 which features new, innovative architectures for supporting more powerful AI and VR. In performance and security, the new chip has great improvements. Also, Baidu and Qualcomm reached an agreement on developing AI and Baidu DuerOS will be pre-planted into Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. 

Salesforce now has become the latest big tech firm joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (aka CNCF) which manages the popular open-source container orchestration tool, Kubernetes. Compared with other big companies joining the CNCF, Salesforce is a pure SaaS provider, but all see the same trend that containerization offers a way to more closely control over the development process. The move to join the CNCF is the strategy of being part of that.

This week, OpenStack Foundation is branching out into containers with secure Kata Containers, which is a new open-source project. In order to integrate virtual machines’ security advantages with container technologies’ manageability and speed, the new project has united Intel Clear Containers with Hyper’s runV. The new Kata Containers are built to be compatible with OCI specification and Kunbernetes’ CRI, and also designed to be hardware agnostic. Therefore, it can provide users the power to perform container management tools on bare metal directly without decreasing the workload isolation.

Microsoft announced that the Open Neural Network Exchange (aka ONNX) now has been production-ready. The ONNX party includes Microsoft and Facebook, and their collaboration brings AI framework systems interoperability, and recently AWS also announced to join the party. As for ONNX, it builds up a standard, open platform for the AI models working across frameworks. The ONNX mainly features framework interoperability and shared optimization. 

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