Week 2017/12/11 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

During this week, there are many influential events happening in the web hosting industry. Microsoft launched new Azure cloud-based services for developers to go further in AI field; Ericsson speeds up 5G network building with Version and Deutsch Telekom; Alibaba Cloud strengthens its European cloud plans with additional C5 compliance accreditation; and more. In below, we choose 5 most interesting and important news:

Google and Amazon are competitors and Google has been seeking for a proper way to return China. On Tuesday, Google officially confirmed that it will open an AI center in Beijing, China. This is actually predicable. The search engine and tech titian has been hiring AI talents in China even though the company is still blocked here. More specifically, Google’s search engine is still blocked in China, instead of the whole company. Now, setup AI center in China is for competing with rivals for getting more and best AI talents and support its own and work with Chinese AI research community. 

After responding to the rumor that Amazon plans to withdraw China cloud market, the cloud computing service titan announced on Monday to open its second cloud region in Ningxia Autonomous Region in northwest China. In order to adapt to Chinese market rules and government policy, it works with Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. Ltd. who will operate its Ningxia datacenters. The new region can better meet Chinese huge cloud computing service demands and offer a channel to overseas business entering China. 

Google AI steals the show of most companies’ events. NASA announced that it uses Google Kepler Space Telescope, which is running on Google’s neural network, to explore the exoplanet. And recently, NASA gets a true result that a new Sun-like system outside our own with 8 planets has been detected. Up till now, it is the first time of finding a new planet in the Kepler-90 system.

Squarespace, a leading website website builder, this week is said that it is receiving investment from General Atlantic LLC and its backer. The former is to invest around $200 million to the deal. After the funding, Squarespace’s new shares will value the business at $1.7 billion. Although the company does not give any confirmation about the new, it is trustable, because Squarespace is still profitable and its revenue in 2016 increased 50% to $300 million around.

At the end of this week, net neutrality vote finally closed. Even though there is overwhelming opposition from a wide range of American people, organizations, tech firms and Congress, the FCC has finally voted to abolish the Open Internet Order as well as net neutrality protections established in 2015 under Obama’s government. For this vote decision, many tech forms in the US has claimed their point, and most show their disappointment about the order and think it is wrong, and will bring long-term legal battle and blocks to the innovative and open Internet.

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