Week 2017/12/18 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

There are many interesting things happening in the web hosting area and on the Internet every week. In order to help you not miss any big events related to the industry, we list the top 5 ones among the mass, which are about the popular social media platform Twitter, global cloud service leading provider AWS, and more. Let’s review them one by one:

Twitter has struggle for several year because of more and more new social network apps emerging. During the recent year, Twitter has been seeking for new path to stand out again, and just last several week, Twitter just made some important changes like longer-character message and real name authentication policy change. Twitter is decisive to make changes and finally it works and finally has a good day on Wall Street again. On Monday morning, its stock jumped 10% around which added more than one billion dollars to Twitter’s market cap.

On Tuesday, AWS, a cloud service titan officially announced that its first French AWS cloud region is open for business. Actually, the cloud computing firm firstly revealed its plan to open new regions in French about a year ago. At present, AWS has totally 18 cloud regions offering server infrastruction across the world, and the new French cloud region is the fourth one in Europe. It is notable because the French region open means AWS beats its big rival to develop local data centers here – Microsoft previously revealed that it is about to open Azure cloud regions in French.

China’s tech titian Baidu and China’s large telecommunication tech firm Huawei announced that they will join force in artificial intelligence area. In the future, they will create an open platform based on Huawei HiAI platform and Baidu PaddlePaddle deep learning framework, which will serve a wide range of AI developers and bring consumers richer AI apps and intelligent service experience.

Apple this week announced the developer guidelines are changed, and the company said that the changed rules are around app “loot boxes” on its App Store. Actually, the loot boxes are the random rewards for the gameplay, which often bring players power-ups and benefits. However, according to the changes, Apple told that the odds of getting the items in loot boxes of games must be clear to players. Also, customers have to be informed of the odds before buying them. This revision of loot boxes is to allow legitimate template use.

After long time of expectation, the 3GPP standardization of NSA 5G specs finally came out this week. Following this standardization, Ericsson, as a leader of promoting 5G landing in reality, announce that it will lead 5G interoperability test, partnering global carriers including Verizon, Telstra, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, AT&T, T-Mobile, as well as SK Telecom. This is a milestone of pushing 5G commercialized.


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