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AI fight between IT giants is becoming fiercer. IBM, Microsoft, Google and AWS are all developing the AI capabilities onto their own software stacks. In May 2017, Google and Microsoft both parade powerful AI tools for the enterprises at their own developer conferences I/O and Build. AI software is more and more widely used in various scenarios in reality. Besides, many technologies based on AI or integrated with AI also come to the industry and even to customers. Such as the AI-based voice technologies, Apple’s Siri, Amazon.com’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Machine learning with AI is the biggest advance in AI research in recent years. Of courses, there are more soon coming.


At the world’s leading blockchain conference, CoinDesk Consensus 2017, IBM delivered the keynote presentation which detailed the fast growth in the blockchain applications, in a variety of industries ranging from capital market to the supply chains. And, to support the blockchain’s rapid adoption in enterprises, the company recently launched a new expansion of blockchain ecosystem program, namely IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator. 

Microsoft Shanghai event 2017 is the first time that Microsoft issues new global products in China, and it really brought something in Chinese market. Besides he latest Surface Pro, soon coming HoloLens and more, the most brilliant is the first edition of Win 10 Chinese version, which is specifically designed, deployed, and customized for local government and state-run enterprises. With the principle of “data stay in China and never goes out of the border”, Win 10 Chinese version comes with enhanced security, allowing deploying local encrypting modules and algorithm.


Wix recently announced a new tool offering personalized SEO plans, which can help users be founded on Google. The tools is called SEO Wiz, which is to optimize each page of Wix users’ websites, and offer them SEO analysis on their own Wix sites and customized recommendations based on their site inform as well as desired keywords.

Google announced Assistant app-discovery channels, which means it will need to Assistant apps. The company is nor making the Assistant available to third-parties via SDK, so as to integrate into their devices and appliances. The three primary discovery channels are verbal app invocation, Assistance Directory, and weblinks.

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