Week 2017/7/10 Top 5 Hosting Industry News

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NTT Communications and an American startup Rancher Labs are building a Linux container platform which will be based on open source technology developed by the later. This program will make a private container service available and implemented in NTT’s enterprise cloud in 2017, October, and a public container service by 2017 December, which will be part of WebARENA cloud. 

China’s government requires state-run telecommunications providers, including China Unicom, China Mobile as well as China Telecom, to close individuals’ access to VPN by February 1, 2017. It can shut a major channel to the global Internet. It not only affects individuals accessing to global internet, but also has effect on businesses, because VPNs are also widely used by businesses to view banned sites.

Microsoft has announced that its Azure Stack will be ready to ship in 2017 Sept. At Microsoft Inspire 2017, the company released this news and also opens its partners, HPE, Lenovo, and DELL EMC, who are able to take Azure Stack orders from this Monday. Azure Stack is a platform which allows users to run Azure cloud services on-premises and get the control of where the workloads and applications reside. As reported, the Azure Stack’s capacity-based and pay-as-you-use models’ details and the ADSK are available this week.


This week Intel announced next-gen Xeon scalable processors, named as Xeon Special. It is designed with machine leaning, cloud workloads as well as 5G in mind. In terms of performance, this Xeon Special can offer 1.65 times more than the server chips based on the Broadwell architecture. Because it can introduce various new features that are aimed at datacenter operators, it is also regarded as the processors to data centers. 

From Wednesday, there were more than 8000 websites, social media, and even large tech firms start and participate in an online protest. It is because the FCC under Trump government voted for removing the rules placed in Obama era, about net neutrality. To protest FCC’s plan, these websites displays some words, video and audio ads to urge their users to join in and speak out their voices to the FCC. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more are among them.

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