Week 2017/7/24 Top 5 Hosting Industry News

Microsoft officially announced this week that its next-gen Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) will include an AI coprocessor. At present, its HPU is still under development. When it comes to the market with a coprocessor, it will be for implementing the deep-neural networks. Microsoft did not talk much, but we can see that these efforts to HPU multiprocessor just correspond with its goal of offering more processing power to “intelligent edge”.

Recently, Google got heavy fines from EU, which did not block its steps moving forward. According to Alphabet Q2 2017 report, its profits still shows powerful growth. Specifically, its strong growth in the second quarter is clear, and its revenues are up to about $26bn, which is an increase of 21% on the same period of 2016. Google Cloud Platform’s revenues is listed in the category of other revenues, which says that Google Cloud get more than $3bn in revenues, an increase of 42% compared to the same period last year. 

Different from other companies think of developing new AI commands and processor to speed up AI integrations in mobile, Qualcomm still believes that it can just make improvements on the existing ships with some new technologies. It has created Neural Processing Engine (NPE), a SDK allowing AI to run on the current Snapdragon processors. By using the NPE SDK, developers can boost AI performance on existing Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors. 

It’s time to say goodbye to Flash! Adobe has officially announced it will kill Flash and stop all Flash updates and distributions at the end of 2020. Flash is no long the best for web standards, because of HMTL5. Now, HMTL5 has gradually replace Flash to be the default web standard for more and more platforms, so it is the time to shutter Flash as well. Actually, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple have already taken actions to move away from Flash, and Adobe also asked

The world-leading organization, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the upcoming CCSK v4, namely the industry-leading Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. Now it has been updated to fit the changes in the cloud and security field. CCSK v4 will come in November of 2017, featuring new content representing more accuracy, clarity, as well as better alignment with the newly revealed Cloud Security Guidance.

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