Week 2017/8/21 Top 5 Hosting Industry News

Google announced the latest versions of mobile operating system, Android O which stands for Android 8.0 Oreo. Besides new name, Google also revealed the source code of this Android Nougat’s successor to the Android Open Source Project. In term of devices, the company is going to begin to roll out Android Oreo to Pixel, Pixel XL builds, and Nexus 5X & 6P, alongside Nexus Player and Pixel C in phases. As for Android Oreo itself, it brings some new features such as Autofill APIs, background limits, emoji compatibility, Google Play Project and more.

Early this week, Microsoft announced that its Conversational Speech Recognition System (CSRS) broke last year’s record. Now, the error rate of the CSRS can be as low as 5.1%, and 5.9% was the record last year. Such high accuracy gave Microsoft confidence that its CSRS now can be as accurate as those experienced human transcribers. This is the great improvement in term of context and prediction, and this progress is very important to AI, namely machine learning capability when it mimics how real people carry out conversations and forecast their word flow.

Oracle recently announced that it is now discussing the issue to open source Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). And in one of its blog post, it also said that now Java EE has achieved great success. Along with the gratifying progress, Oracle is considering to make Java EE more open source and closer to open source community. With this decision, Eclipse Foundation and Apache Software Foundation come to our eyes as possible candidates, although Oracle has not given a name.

Intel will be and is always remaining its original architecture but keeping constantly improving its performance. In its internal testing, this silicon giant said that comparing with 7th generation, its new 8th generation i5 and i7 core chips can deliver more battery life and performance. Specifically, it is about 40% increase in performance. This performance boost is necessary, and this new 8th generation core chips are to coincide with its laptop OEMs that push its own technology to another level. Now, Intel has created new design on its current Kaby Lake architecture.

GoDaddy this week released a new security certificate which is named as TrustedSite. This new products integrates McAfee SECURE into its own SSL certificate plans, so as to create visitor’s trust to those small business websites. MacAfee SECURE, a special feature in this new product, will automatically scan customer’s websites from malicious links and malware with TrustedSite, and then show McAfee tustmark visually to mobile and desktop users. About pricing, the new product is available for GoDaddy’s domain customers at $4.99/yr for each domain name.

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