Week 2017/8/28 Top 5 Hosting Industry News

Google this week announced to offer its cloud customers more control over two top concerns of the public cloud: cost and speed. The solution is Google’s Premium Tier, new network tiers, which are now available to Google Cloud users to use to optimize for performance. It can deliver traffic over the company’s well-provisioned, highly reliable and low-latency global network. Google also provides Standard Tier with lower pricing than Premium Tier, so it offers choices for customers to decide whether the cost saving are worth it, so that they cannot be so picky on their cloud performance.

The largest memory chip maker in the world, Samsung Electronics Co. announced to invest $7 billion in Chinese semiconductor plant, so as to meet the fast growing demands for the NAND flash-memory productions which are often used in smartphones and some other devices. Specifically, this investment will be spent on its plant during a 3-year period in Xi’an, Suwon.

This week, two big brands in the cloud and virtual machine fields came together to form a powerful combination that VMware announced to partnering with AWS to make its cloud now live on AWS. For VMware, this move is a huge lift, and actually it took more than 5 years to struggle for its own place, when users started to shift their workloads onto the cloud. By integrating with the public giant AWS, VMware can work smoothly across both environments. For AWS, it will get richer. Generally, there is a win-win-win, VMware and AWS can obtain a huge boost and their users can use the new product to easier integrate WMs in AWS Cloud.

On Monday, AMD and Baidu joined forces on open standards-based innovations, so as to optimize applications for AMD Radeon Instinct accelerators in Baidu’s data centers. To be specific, the two innovative companies announced a collaboration to take advantage of both companies’ advanced technology as well as application engineering capability, to together create an open and comprehensive ecosystem, to meet the growing demands on data center workloads and deliver more intelligent human-computer interaction.

Juniper Network yesterday disclosed that it is going to purchase a Silicon Valley security software startup, Cyphort. The startup owns an open-architecture platform integrating with major existing security tools to assist firms to find the threats bypassing fire-line security efforts, because it contains an analytics engine powered by machine learning. As for Juniper Network, the company said in a blog post that this acquisition is to be used to support Juniper Network’s Sky ATP platform by providing extra threat detection capability and a wide range of file types supported.

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