Week 2017/9/4 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

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IBM and MIT together announced a cooperation which is one of the most lucrative partnerships between a company and a university. In the partnership, IBM will team up with MIT to invest in a new AI research lab, by successively investing $240 million in 10 years. As their agreement, this joint lab will fully support IBM researchers and 100 MIT academics to promote AI software, hardware, deep learning algorithms, etc. and explore health, security apps and consumer tech.

Early this week, Chinese leading smartphone and tech firm announced collaboration with Microsoft. This cooperation will focus on promoting cloud growth and getting more Microsoft applications into Huawei’s cloud. This win-win partnership is originally realized with the hope to empower digital transformation in enterprises. Through it, Huawei can develop better cloud service by offering users Microsoft RDS for SQL Server and Windows Server access, and Microsoft also has an industry-leading partner to create a seamless platform for customers. 

Microsoft recently released a new program to help enterprises and allows them to access Microsoft Windows Insider Lab to test its upcoming Windows 10 Enterprise features. The program is named Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise, set up under Olympia Corp a virtual corporation. By far, this new program is open to choose Windows Insider for Business users. Those selected ones will be running those test versions for Windows 10 for Enterprises and test its built in features, so that Microsoft can get valuable feedback for full launch. 

Cloud market competition becomes fiercer day by day, and it is clear that there are three horses racing on current cloud service market, namely Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud. Amazon is the market leader, Azure is following it, and Google Cloud is in third one by some distance. Trailing Azure, Google is ambitious to catch it up and even go beyond it. In order to make it, now Google pushes a promotion to use Chromebook freebies to woo Microsoft Azure’s existing partners moving to Google Cloud. No matter whether it works, it will fuel the competition.

Amazon disclosed a plan which says it is now on the hunt for a proper location to build second North American headquarters (HQ2). As an eCommerce giant, Amazon’s HQ2 will have complete personnel system and functional departments, which is estimated to created 5,000 jobs at most. According to the announcement, Amazon is going to invest $5 billion in this HQ2, while for the current headquarters in Seattle, Amazon has invested $38 billion in all from 2010 to 2016.

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