Weekly 2017/09/25 Top 5 Web Hosting Industry News

During this week, there are many remarkable events happening in the web hosting industry, and among these, Microsoft is one of the most impressive, because it made major positive steps forward on the road of loving open source platform, including Linux. Besides, we collect interesting news related to Amazon’s cloud computing unit AWS, Chinese largest e-commerce group and European Commission. In below, let’s bring you these events’ more details:

Microsoft hits many milestones on the loving and embracing Linux. At the beginning of this week, the company announced that its latest SQL Server 2017 now is official generally available on both Windows and Linux, with the hope to offer customer more choices about the operating systems they like to use and engage more new businesses to its databases. 

This week Microsoft announced that it has become a Platinum member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) by sponsoring it. This announcement represents a major milestone that Microsoft embraces open source and Linux. This step is inevitable, not only because of the force from direct competitors, but also for further success of cloud and Azure. Being a Platinum member of the OSI, Microsoft will take more responsibilities for the open-source software’s release, use and contribution. Also, it means Microsoft joins in the open source battle, which offers more challenges and opportunities.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) announced that its first cloud region in the Middle East, including three availability zones for Bahrain would be open by early 2019. By far, AWS provides server infrastructure in sixteen regions which including 3 in Europe across Ireland, the U.K, and Germany, 7 in the Americas across Canada, Brazil, and the U.S, as well as 6 in Asia Pacific across China, Singapore, Australia, India, and South Korea. Besides, Amazon has already planned a host of region around the world for 2018.

According to sources, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. now is scouting proper locations for its second European data center for cloud data. This China’s largest e-commerce company is expanding its global footprint so as to better compete with its major rivals Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’S Google Cloud Platform in the cloud service section. Its first European data center is located in Frankfurt in November. The second location is potentially located in Sweden or London. Up till now, Alibaba Cloud has 14 data centers in China, the U.S., etc. It also plans to open new data centers in Malaysia and Indonesia.

For online fake stories, European Commission takes them seriously and has taken actions to urge social network platforms to make effort to cope with the abusive fake news online. This week, European Commission is calling up social media corporates including Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc. to make a common set of tools for detecting, blocking as well as removing illegal content such as hate speech and terrorist propaganda. 

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