Western Digital Makes New Breakthrough in HDD Technology

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Western Digital develops a new magnetic recording technology with microwave assist. It is reported that the new technology will enable the hard drives with up to 40TB capacity, making HDDs remain their staying power in the enterprise section.

On Wednesday, Western Digital released a new technology breakthrough in related the hard disk drive technology. According to Western Digital vice president of Devices, Brendan Collins, this breakthrough in HDD technology will empower the next 10 years of the big data field. At the even in San Jose, California, Western Digital showcased the technology breakthrough, which is microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR for short). The highlight of the breakthrough is to enable hard disk drives with at least 40TB capacity or even beyond that by 2025.

Brendan Collins introduced that MAMR can provide the gain without any pain of the heat-assisted magnetic recording, namely HAMR, and also bypass the reliability and cost related issues that HAMR has. 

Western Digital said the purpose and goal of the breakthrough HDD technology are both to hope the MAMR to assist HDDS hold onto a long-term complement to the current super-fast SSDs in the enterprise section. Also, the company expects the breakthrough HDD technology with enterprise-class capacity to be an increase business through 2030 and even beyond.

Actually, Western Digital believes the MAMR technology has great prospect, and by far, it has been investing in it for 8 to 9 years. What’s more, its fabrication now depends on the processes and technologies which Western Digital has invested in before, including the Damascene recording head technology. It is the Damascene recording head technology that enables Western Digital to begin to roll out MAMR hard disk drives to the market by 2019.

The essential of MAMR HDD breakthrough is a spin torque oscillator which is used to produce a microwave area. It is the place that enhances the data recording ability at extremely high density without reducing the reliability. As it is estimated, the MAMR HDD breakthrough is possible to provide more than 4 terabit-per-square-inch with time going by.

Collins also talked about the benefits and attributes of MAMR bringing to data center managers. He said that MAMR can satisfy the market expectations about dollar per TB which is what’s it is all about in terms of big data.

Besides, Western Digital is very confident to make it ship in 2019, because it does not need to invest in new fabrication processes. We are looking forward to this breakthrough coming into the market as well.

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