What Happens When A Domain Expires?

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Domain name is a unique identity given to identify your website. It is only IP addresses that can be identified by internet but it is easier to remember a domain name and hence it becomes important to own a domain name. Generally when you own a domain name you are required to renew the registration on periodic basis. If you fail to do so the domain expires and you lose your identity on the World Wide Web. This domain name is then auctioned and it becomes difficult to buy back your own domain name in the expired domain name auction.

How many days does it take for the domain name to get expired?

The domain name does not expire on the day your registration expires. Once you cross the time by which you must renew your registration you get a grace period so that if you have forgotten or out of laziness you did not get the renewal of the registration done then you can do that in the grace period. This grace period is of 18 days.  After the 18th day the domain name goes into redemption phase which means that on renewal the registrant will have to pay one year’s renewal fee along with redemption fee that would apply. The domain name stays at this stage for a period of 8 days and from 26th day onwards the domain name goes to the list of the expired domain name auction. In the ten days time if there have been no bidders or buyers the auction is closed. This now goes into closeout auction which ends after 5 days time. If there were any bidders or buyers the domain name is assigned to them but if there are none the domain name is returned to the registry.

During the grace period of 18 days all the services of the domain name such as the website as well as the email is shut down. You cannot make any changes to the DNS rather when the domain expires the DNS is changed temporarily to something else with a page appearing that would suggest the need of renewal of the domain name. If the domain name registration is renewed during this grace period then the DNS is changed back to the original.

If you were not able to renew your domain name registration in this grace period you have to pay more than what you have paid for the renewal of your registration in the grace period. The domain name now enters a redemption phase where there is still some hope for your domain name retrieval. The redemption period permits you to get back your domain name but with a greater charge than was applicable for renewal. Many a time when the domain name reaches the redemption phase it is assumed that the owner has lost interest in the domain name and would not get the renewal done. But, if the owner of the domain name decides to get the renewal done he or she may do so after paying the fee.

If even during the redemption phase the owner could not get his registration renewed then the domain name is sent into a list of auction. This auction is done to the candidates who are interested in the domain name owing to its popularity and the number of clicks it has. When the domain name reaches this stage the owner of the website will have to compete in the auction to get back the domain name. This is , however, a very difficult thing unless there is no  other bidder or you have hired a company that has an expertise in doing so. 

There are many companies that claim to get you your favorite domain name at the auction but you must choose the best one which may prove a little expensive but will definitely be worth it if you are keen on getting that particular domain name.

What is Bots in expired domain name auction?

Bots is a very important factor that plays a tremendous role as the domain names expire. This is a global factor and applies to all domain names throughout the World Wide Web. The Bots could be manual or simulated operating systems that have been designed to search for the expiration-nearing domain names. The expiring domain names are bought as soon as they expire and are kept for not less than ten long years before they can again be sold off. This is similar to the investment in the real estate where the people buy a real estate property and keep it till there is increase in its price and then later sell it off to gain profits out of it.

Many a time, if the domain name is very popular the registrar may take away the domain name to make profits by selling them to the buyers who demand it at a higher price. In this way many domain names does not reach expired domain name auction stage and the registrar may get a good amount of money out of it.

So, if you have any intentions of keeping your identity on the World Wide Web alive you must get the domain name registration renewed before the expiry date. This will save you a lot of time money and hassles. Even if you intend to not to continue on your website you must rather sell it off than leaving it to expire and leave you with nothing.

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