What is Django?

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Django is a high-level Open Source Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It consists of an ORM, a URL dispatcher, a view system and a template system.

Django Components

Django ORM

Django ORM System provide a technique way for converting data between relation database into python object-oriented models. You can define data models entirely in Python and get a rich, dynamic database-access API, also, write sql is supported if needed.

URL dispatcher

Diango has a powerful regular-expression-based URL dispatcher which is pure written in Python. It provide a simple mapping between URL patterns (as simple regular expressions) to Python callback functions (your views).

View System

Django is a MVC framework, the "view" in django is something like controller in other MVC system and the template is actually the view.

Template system

Django's template system provide a powerful and designer-friendly way to separate design, content and code. But keep this in min: Django template system is not simply Python code embedded into HTML which like php. Only the tags, filters and syntax are supported by default, of course you can add extra extensions to the template language.

What is django suit for?

Before you choose django, you should know that django is a framework other than a CMS, so you can NOT just install it and begin write your post just like what you did in wordpress. You need write your own app in python, deal with request processing and data CURD(Create, Read, Update and Delete). Just as I said, Django has a built-in ORM, so it's not a hard thing, actually. (In fact, there is a project called Django CMS, which implements a CMS base on Django, you may want to check it.) To deploy Django in apache, only python installed is not enough, you need either mod_python or mod_wsgi installed. However, for most shared web hostings, although they support python shell, they don't support Django. So before you buy one, you'd better make sure it. Of course, You can Find A Django Hosting through our HostUcan.

Learn Django

To Learn Django, Django official web site has many stuff for beginners. Such as Django Install Guide and Django Tutorial. There is also a free Django Book online.

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