What Make A2Hosting the Fastest Web Host

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A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is a reliable and professional web hosting provider that constantly challenges itself to find new and innovative ways to help customers get access to industry-leading fast speed. At present, A2Hosting is considered as the fastest web host by the public.

In below, we will make an in-depth analysis about A2Hosting to tell customers why the A2hosting service is powerful enough to ensure an unbeatable fast speed.

High-performance SwiftServer

The high-performance SwiftServer Platform is available for customers at A2Hosting, which features powerful scalability, redundancy and durability. These web servers are 100% Dell premium servers which are built with the latest model, 8 to 24 CPU cores, 24 GB memory, RAID-10 fast storage, all those help bring customers the best hosting experience.

Solid State Drive

SSD is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. A2Hosting claims to use SSD to host everything for customers, such as OS, MySQL, files and more. Therefore, customers can get the biggest speed boost possible--up to 300% faster page loads than its competitors.

Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network

CDN is a group of servers connected worldwide which can automatically determine the fastest route. At A2Hosting, if one CDN server is unavailable, customers’ site’s traffic will automatically be routed to the next nearest server. Moreover, CloudFlare CDN recognizes and blocks many malicious threats, trying to guarantee customers a secure online environment.

US & European Server Location Options

At A2Hosting, US-based datacenters, located in Southfield, MI or European-based data centers located in Reykjavik, Iceland are available for customers freely choose. It is very convenient for them to get fast speed with a server located close to customers.

Other Factors to Boost Speed

Moreover, A2Hosting provides customers with many other advantages to boost speed, such as 10GB/s redundant network, 8 core server minimum, 24GB RAM server minimum and no server overloading and more.

Besides its blistering speed, A2Hosting customers can get rich features to manage their websites, including unlimited RAID-10 storage, data transfer, domains, databases, email addresses and etc. The company also pays high attention to customer satisfaction. Its support center can always offer 24/7 dedicated professional and timely assistances for customers.

From what we discussed above, readers may have a clear clue why A2Hosting can help its customers get such rapid speed. Moreover, it can also offer rich features, specialized customer support at a very affordable price. For more information about A2Hosting, please visit http://www.a2hosting.com/ or check out A2hosting review.

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