What to Consider When Choose a SEO Web Hosting?

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Almost all clients of web hosting provider expect to get some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits, so as to raise the rank of their website. To cater for this demand, a growing number of hosting providers starts to offer SEO services. Then, how could we know which SEO web hosting is better than others? What should we consider while choosing a SEO web hosting? Let’s begin to deal with it. 

1.High Speed and Uptime

Websites with short loading time and high uptime are more likely to be favored by search engines as well as visitors. Both speed and uptime are important SEO-relevant metric. Visitors seldom have patient to wait for a website more than 30 seconds. Higher speed will make your site easy to access and be reached by search engines. Uptime shows the time or percentage your server is up and operational. If your server or site is frequently unavailable or down, how could you expect top ranking of your site? 

While you seek for web hosting, you may find that 99% of hosting providers make the 99.99% uptime guarantee. Don’t trust advertisement, look for the feedback or reviews of their real customers. If you want to have a stable and responsive website that be regarded as trusty site by search engines, you need to be patient and spend time on selecting a quality and fast web hosting which will have positive effect on the performance of your site.

2.Free Search Engine Ads Credit

Since hosting providers are aware of the value of SEO, most of them offers client Ads credit range from $50 to $400 worth. Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft ads bonus will definitely increase the web traffic and gain more popularity for your site. However, one thing should be particularly mentioned that ads credit is hosting providers’ trick to attract customers, so the provider who offers the highest Ads credit may not necessarily offers the best web hosting.

3.Dedicated IP Address 

If you decide to purchase a shared hosting, VPS, or Cloud hosting, you have to share IP address with other users. Only the owner of a dedicated server can have a unique IP address, but dedicated server is too expensive for individual site owners and small businesses. Sharing IP address may influence your site ranking negatively, because search engines cannot find your website directly according to your IP address. Besides, if other websites that share IP with you are judged as spam sites, your websites might also be affected more or less.   

Certainly, you can buy an dedicated IP address for your shared hosting or VPS. In that way, you may not only save a lot of money, but also avoid the risks of sharing IP. Dedicated IP address will makes your site more SEO-friendly and easier to be indexed by search engines.

4.Server Location 

Sometimes, location may also be of great value, especially when your site targets on regional business. Do you know that the location of server is a metric used by search engines to rank a website? If your website is designed to serve people in a certain place, you’d better think about the hosting providers nearby.  

5.Control Panel and SEO Support

Hosting providers always offer a hosting packages that contain a control panel. Don’t underestimate control panels because they can also facilitate SEO. For instance, control panel can generate and optimize mobile website based on desktop one. Since site visitors gradually shift from desktop to mobile devices, mobile website will play an important role in the marketplace for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, optimized mobile sites will also improve site ranking straightly. Some control panel are even featured with SEO function. Therefore, when you select a web hosting, we suggest that you can also check out whether its control panel is SEO-friendly or not. 

We ensure that following the above five conditions, you will find a good SEO web hosting certainly. After all, the competition of web hosting industry is pretty fierce, providers are racking their brains to offer better services and attract more clients. As customers, we hold plenty of options in hand. What we need to do is take our time, compare different products wisely and select the most suitable one.

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