Why Author Rank is Important and How to Increase it?

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Author RankRecently, Google’s Matt Cutts declares that Google does use “Author Rank”. Author Rank is some kind of strategy that Google uses to search for more relevant and higher-quality contents. It is user friendly and Author Rank is particularly used in the In-Depth article system to determine which articles will be presented in the In-Depth articles section.

The purpose of Author Rank is to identify individual’s knowledge within certain subjects, and what others think of the content they publish. Authors who have big presence in social networks tend to be remembered more by Google. Thus, even this article can get a higher rank. Also, those who often interact with Authors can be considered to authoritative authors by Google.

For some reason, If you have to give up your website which has high ranking in Google, and start another site it can me a headache, since starting a new website will always get low rankings, but with Author Rank, it can be easier as long as the author doesn't change.

The importance of Author Rank

There are many ways that Google evaluates an article. Author Rank is proved to be another new method compared with others. Every day online users are involved in a large number of social events on facebook, google+,twitter ,etc. In order to analyze the relativity of this large data, It's necessary to consider the reputation of each author.

User Friendly

In the past,SEO just focused on massive links which might lead to a bad user experience. We just ignored the importance of authors. To maintain credibility and a more comprehensive tracking of content quality, Author Rank has increasingly become the focus of attention.

Google takes this action to emphasize that authors are also important to evaluation of an article. Author Rank can not only help Google evaluate articles more accurately,but also can it make more high-quality articles appearing on search results.

Google Plus

This great for Google Plus users! Author Rank requires you use Google Plus. So if your a blogger you'll be urged to use Google Plus to boost your SEO. To boost your SEO, simply go to the bottom of your Google Plus profile page (make sure your in edit mode) you will see a contributor section; this is where you can enter in which blogs/sites you are contributing to. Now you'll create a relationship that increases your SEO. Note: This will also make your listing more prominent in a search because it causes your profile picture to also show up.

Higher rankings

With authoritative authors, articles can always get higher rankings. It is time for enterprises to make some changes. An authoritative author may be more important for Google. Enterprises should employ more authors who have a rich professional knowledge, instead of fancy advertising copywriters.

Google is also expected to optimize the algorithm to take authors’ authority into account,and give higher rankings to the content written by a more respected and authoritative author.

For visitors that is new to Author Rank, please watch this video below from Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson from the Google Webmaster Team discussing the tool:

[youtube_sc url="http://youtu.be/FgFb6Y-UJUI" title="What%20is%20Author%20Rank"]

How to Increase Author Rank

1. Be sure your content is connected with Google authorship correctly

Both on your blog and on any other sites, you can connect the content with Google authorship. It may be better for you to include a Google+ link to your profile on an author page. Then connect all the sites that you have contributed to.

2. Continue to focus on the quality of your content Nowadays, Author Rank is becoming more and more important in Google. It may have a direct influence on your sites ranking. So, how do we prepare our search marketing strategy for author ranking in Google’s algorithms? Here are some tips that you can follow:

Author-Rank-g+Although the author is important to article rank,we shouldn't neglect the quality of content. Making sure your content is attractive to readers.  On the other hand,the areas of expertise and a good interaction engagement both can be standards for evaluating authoritative content,also.

3. Link back to the publisher in the contributor section in your Google+ author profile

If you write for a site that doesn't list you as a contributor, you can still link back to the publisher in the contributor with Google+ author profile.

4. Allow authoritative writers or bloggers to write articles on your site

An authoritative author may bring more traffic to your site. With their personal authority, more readers would like to link to your site. And it is a positive thing for your site. Authors benefit from a high ranking site,and authoritative author can help the site a lot as well.

As we know, usually there may be many fans of authoritative authors. Fans always tend to find something related to their idols. So ,authoritative authors can increase trust and raise the quality of content on your site.This is a very good marketing strategy.

5. Don’t forget to add the Authors’ information

Lastly, don’t forget to add details for your authors. Adding authors’ information helps Google remember you.

Google’s Author Rank is both good for users and sites. Users can search for more relevant and higher-quality contents,and sites get more traffic through authoritative authors. Google now evaluates a site not only through links and keywords,but also through Author rank.

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