When to Upgrade Your Shared Web Hosting

There are many web hosting plans with all different features from shared web hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers packages etc. So you’ve had your website live for quite some time now & you noticed your online presence is growing & your business is established.  What to do next? Well how about an upgrade for your server.  Don’t know how or you don’t know what server is right for you? Well in this tutorial we will explains some vital points about upgrading your server.

What to do when I need an upgrade?

Well firstly you should definitely try some extent to anticipate your future needs. Once you’ve determine what you need, then you can begin to looking at plans & upgrades that meet your requirements.  Note: carefully examine the specifications of these pans and always remember to ask questions, don’t hesitate.

How do I know when to upgrade?

Firstly as your website increases traffic & growth, at some point your site will require more resources than are provided than your current hosting plan package.  In saying that, you won't find out until you actually start to experience problems with your site.  Below we have several reasons to upgrade from a shared hosting environment.

Shared IP

A lot of shared hosting plans have 20) & more sites on an individual server.  There are various sites that will get blocked by filters automatically.  The issue here is the blocking is IP based.  If you upgrade to VPS or Dedicated servers, you’ll have a unique IP.  This is important with outbound email (SMTP) because it decreases the chance of blockage


At some time, when creating your first website, your needs are often small and generic. Over time when your site grows and you desire more software options and you may need to install unique/ or custom software that a shared hosting account may not have. VPS or dedicated server will accomplish this task.


In a shared environment any site owner can perform an action which will cause issues for the server. The server becomes very slow & inefficient until you contact your hosting provider and they investigate the problem.  So from a business sense it’s more stable & reliable for the expense to purchase & upgrade to VPS or Dedicated account.

Dedicated Resources

Your site might be using the server more than it should. It may be so severe that your web host may insist you move them to your own server in order to avoid future problems. So when actually your websites need dedicated CPU power and RAM, a dedicated server makes sense.  Each customer is also separated at the OS system level and another customer cannot affect your VPS or Dedicated server.

More Secure

Each VPS is divided at the operating system level, so each customer is using their own CPU, memory & disk space.  This is good because it prevents accounts from getting compromised when another user forgets to update their software to fix security risks that’s discovered.  Hackers can quickly gain access to your information compared to a VPS or Dedicated account.

For whatever reason you’re upgrading for there's many web hosting providers that can help you with your needs with different plan packages.  It’s good to think ahead towards that future!

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