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Buying and selling numerous domains can be an incredibly profitable business.  These auction websites such as GoDaddy and Sedo; provide tools for users so that they can easily purchase several domains that are listed for sale by the owner. In every auction the highest bidder wins.

While other sites deal only with selling domains, there are many hosting providers and domain registrars also offer services for selling domains.  General online marketplaces like Sedo and GoDaddy can be used to sell domain names.


Sedo is one of the largest online domain marketplaces and one of the best places to buy and sell domains.  It has over 1 million members from all over the world and trades domains in more than 20 languages.  If you have a concrete idea of how much your domain is worth or how much money you want to make from it, you can create a listing with a fixed price.  Sedo connects buyers and sellers and makes it easy for users and companies to get access to the domains they need for their online existence.


GoDaddy refers to their domain platform as GoDaddy Auctions.  Users you can place a bid, make an offer and buy or sell currently registered domain names.  GoDaddy is of the largest and cheapest domain registrars around (check out our Domain Checker Price Comparison).  The company offers a series of one-day live online Signature Domain Auctions for exclusive, high-value domain names.

1and1 Internet

1&1 Internet, a well-recognized leader amongst global domain name registrars and web hosting providers, offers some of the low prices in the industry.  The company also offers free domain transfers if you’re looking to switch over from another registrar.  Users can sell and buy domain from 1and1, besides customers can purchase a one-year registration and get an email account with 2GB of storage, a 5 page domain parking package, and many more.


NameCheap is one of the easiest places to buy and sell domains.  The company offers a 24 top-level domains that includes nearly all the most common and popular .me extension.  If their name didn’t already give it away, you probably gathered that this site offers one of the cheapest price from domains, check out our Domain Checker tool.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions  domain and site offerings aren’t the cheapest, but they are unparalleled in terms of stability and flexibility.  Network Solutions was the first-ever government contract to assign domain names.   The company was awarded "SNCR Excellence in New Communications" several years back.  Customers that plan to manage a large number of domains, is highly recommend to use Network Solution.

Tips On how to make money buying Domain names

  • Firstly, learn what makes domains valuable. This way you can know how to find a good domain, which can give you a better chance of making money.
  • Join various domain auction sites. The availability of domain names can also help users determine the method you will use to earn money with the domain.
  • Search through the list of expiring domains to find the most valuable ones and then chose the most profitable for you.
  • Meet with other domain investors and check what their inventory looks like.

Buy domains that you believe will be the most valuable. It can be a gamble when purchasing a domain because you do not always know if buyers will find value in the website domain.

You can try:

  • Park the domain use a Domain parking service (When people visit the domain and click on the ads, you earn money)
  • Create a website that's goes with the domain (this will provide a product to buyers and increase your profit margins)
  • List the domain for sale (you can list the domain for sale to make money)

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