Why Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Is A Good Windows Hosting Choice?

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ASP.NET Hosting has become a popular web hosting solution among customers who desire to create powerful and reliable website from scratch. With the popularity of ASP.NET hosting, there are hundreds of ASP.NET hosting providers emerging in the industry. To get started with a reliable ASP.NE hosting provider, customers need to check for pricing table, features, performance and customer support of the ASP.NET hosting. 

Bisend (www.bisend.com) is an emerging web hosting company, offering cheap Linux web hosting, optimized Windows hosting, cheap Hong Kong hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, domain names, and SSL certificate. Cheap web hosting solutions are its featured products, and optimized Windows Hosting is actually enhanced with ASP.NET friendly features and popular Plesk control panel. 

In the following post, we will focus on analyze Bisend ASP.NET hosting from prices and features to performance and support. With in-depth review on these four aspects, we will reveal why Bisend can be an optimal Windows hosting options for you. Let’s do it together!

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting is Cheap

In order to attract more new customers come to Bisend, the company offers exclusive discount on its ASP.NET hosting plans according to different billing terms. If customers sign up for 3 years, Bisend offers 3 ASP.NET hosting plans to customers and now they come with up to 64% off discount. We will list its pricing structure as following:

  • Its entry-level ASP.NET hosting plan named Standard normally starts at $7.99/mo. After discounting about 64% off, it is as low as $2.95/mo, such a low price;
  • Pro is the most popular ASP.NET hosting plan, which normally starts at $10.99/mo, but now it charges from $5.45/mo, saving 51% off;
  • Business as the biggest ASP.NET hosting plan normally charges from $19.99/mo, while after discounting 51% off, it starts at $9.95/mo.

To claim these exclusive discounts or get more details about other deals, customers can visit Bisend by clocking on the following image:

Even better, Bisend provides customers with 30 days of money back guarantee. According to this policy, customers can ask a refund within the initial 30 days. So, they can feel free to try Bisend ASP.NET hosting services and features and make their final decision with minimum lose. 

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Offers Rich Features

Bisend ASP.NET hosting now has three packages available as we talked above, and each one comes with different amount of server space so as to meet different customers’ demands. In Standard, there is 10GB disk space, 1 website, 50GB bandwidth, 50 email accounts, and standard server to support customer get started online. 

Once customers’ online presence grows fast and requires more resources, they can upgrade to their larger plans. For the biggest plan, Bisend provides customers with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website, and unlimited email accounts. Besides, to support high-traffic and data-heavy websites, Bisend uses 4X faster servers to empower them.

Apart from these, Bisend offers many developer friendly features to create a code-ready environment for customers to create build up their websites with all popular scripts and DBs.

In detail, customers can find various scripts available, such as most popular PHP versions including PHP 5.x and 7.x, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5/6, ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5, Classic ASP, ASP Core 1.0/1.1, Silverlight 4/5, and Node.js. For databases, Bisend ASP.NET hosting includes SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, MySQL 5.5+, phpMyAdmin and MyLittleAdmin, as well as Remote database management. 

Bisend ASP.NET hosting also comes with features for enhance security and increase access control. Specifically, customers can get free SSL certificate, hotlink protection, anti-virus, email anti-spam, and customized .htaccess, as well as 301 IIS Rewrite. 

Other more, Bisend ASP.NET hosting includes easy-to-use server management tools. One of the most mentionable things is that Bisend integrates popular Plesk control panel, which allows customers to manage their site, files, email accounts and FTP accounts, even if the user is a newbie. In addition, 1-click script installer, webmail access, and website backup & restore are included in all plans.

In short, Bisend includes everything useful to create a powerful and reliable website, and makes website management effortless. 

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Delivers Fast and Reliable Performance

Although Bisend is just a newly born web hosting company, the company takes advantage multiple data centers located in Chicago and Hong Kong, giving customers the flexibility to choose near location to their customers. These data centers are reliable with the latest technology and rock solid server hardware as well as other facilities. 

For example, the data centers in Hong Kong have SAS 70 Type II authentication, and the company promises to deliver the highest standard of the authentication to protection customers’ information. Moreover, each data center has redundant network to make sure Bisend is never out of service; multi-level cross connections ensure network can be always online even though a connection is interrupted. 

Redundant power and climate control systems create a comfortable environment for housing customers’ physical servers. Also, third party is always standing by monitoring all data center to guarantee smooth running of these facilities. Fully redundant physical security, data backup and restore as well as enhanced website security all contribute to the optimal reliability and security.

In addition to that, Bisend makes full use of high-performance web server including 64GB memory, 24+ CPU cores and RAID-10 storage and PHP 7 to bring customers the fastest page loading. CDN service from reliable brands is used to increase request response time as well.

Therefore, Bisend is making every effort to ensure fast, reliable and secure ASP.NET hosting to each customers. 

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Has Responsive Support Available

Bisend is a new brand in the web hosting industry, and it totally understands that customer support is one of essential parts of a successful web hosting provider. So, to quickly stand steadily in the industry, the company offers professional support team serving customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also, Bisend ASP.NET hosting is covered by its 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

According to Bisend’s heroic support team, customers can feel free to contact them once they have anything they can’t handle. Live chat, phone, and email are all open to customers. So, customers can quickly make their issues be addressed.

Additionally, Bisend is creating a professional and content-rich online help center, where its well-trained support engineers will post and publish useful guides and tutorials for customers. Also, the company prepares FQAs under the introduction of each product, and it can offer the answers customers want to know.

In a word, Bisend is very careful and positive to make its customer support responsive and satisfying. 


We have analyzed Bisend ASP.NET hosting from side by side, and we believe customers can have a general impression on this new brand and its ASP.NET hosting plans. Coming with easy-to-use, free Plesk control panel and developer-friendly scripts and databases, Bisend ASP.NET hosting is still very cheap. By utilizing US-based and Hong Kong data centers as well as resilient servers as well as CDN, Bisend ASP.NET hosting is fast and reliable. Cutting-edge customer support comes to customers as well. 

In conclusion, we believe that Bisend ASP.NET hosting offers customers a good Windows web hosting option and they can take advantage of 30 day money back guarantee to have a try. 

To learn more information about Bisend ASP.NET hosting, please visit www.bisend.com.

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2018-05-28 17:30
Bisend catches my attention due to the Hong Kong based data center. My target audience mainly comes from Asia. At the same time, I need a Windows platform to host my website. Plesk control panel is also included into the ASP.NET hosting. So, the core facts taken together, I decide to choose Bisend as my ASP.NET hosting provider. Thanks for your analyses on the service quality.