Why Colocation can help your small business

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Nowadays it can be hard for small businesses to find the right IT solution. When it comes to In-house solutions, business owners have to think about space limitations, cost etc. as the company grows. Businesses that get a colocation packages with their own datacenter just want to have more control over their servers and data and save money and time which in fact could be spent on paying for a high speed Internet connection to their office building and getting all of the equipment necessary to maintain the servers in proper working condition.

Colocation services are getting popular worldwide and have been consistently proven to provide small businesses with a lot of advantages than no other alternative can match. Below is a list of the most important reasons for using colocation for your small business instead of other small business hosting solutions.

  • Reliability - Improved Buying Power

In general, small businesses do not have the power to benefit from low power and bandwidth rates that's offered to larger datacenters. Companies that choose colocation can improve their buying power because the price is negotiable the actual colocation provider that offers the bandwidth and power to many users.

  • Improved Security – Protection

By having your equipment inside your data center, you can certain be sure that it will be very secure. Some datacenters are built with only one entrance, with special doors that don’t allow you access without a security guard near you or a special pass. Your data and servers are protected from fire, burglars, and other things that can compromise the security of your information.

  • More control to develop growth of your Small Business

Another reason a company’s choose colocation is because it allows them to grow their business at their own pace. In fact some of the problems that a small business faces are how to manage and maintain their physical assets. Space is important and in house datacenters are small, so when the business grows you'll have to invest or build a new data center from scratch. The good thing is that, colocation allows small businesses to rent the amount of rack space needed and also with the ability to scale as needed.

  • Improved Infrastructure

Colocation centers are built from the ground up which allows them to utilize IT friendly designs. This includes multiple layers of redundancy to ensure continuous uptime and clean working environments that ensure servers are always operating as efficiently as possible. Most colocation sites are also weather-proofed buildings to mitigate weather related risks.

  • Access to Increased Carrier networks

Colocation centers offer businesses a multitude of carrier networks to choose from. This continuous competition forces carriers to lower their bandwidth costs which save business a lot of money. Multi-carrier environments also provide diverse access options to add another layer of redundancy.

  • Small Businesses Gain Access to IT/Telecom Engineering Support

Another reason customers choose Colocation services is that they provide unmatched support from certified professionals. Colocation facilities provide IT support staff 24/7. On their own, small businesses rarely have the financial flexibility to support and IT staff 24-7.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

It’s been consistently proven that the purpose built data centers have greater opportunity to reduce overall levels of energy consumption. Improved efficiency not only decreases the total amount of power the entire datacenter uses, but also decreases the total costs for businesses renting racks, space and cages.

With so many options available, only colocation offers small businesses with all of these benefits mentioned above you can view companies such as Liquidweb, Savvis and Softlayer and to view more companies please visit the best Colocation service providers now.

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