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About Jason Hosting

jason-hongI am the Partner Channel Specialist over here at InMotion Hosting, Inc. I have worked in various roles in the past, from Product Management to International Business Development, all backed with a solid IT foundation as a Systems Analyst for over 7 years. I've come aboard with InMotion's marketing team to develop and nurture relationships with opportunities on all levels.

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Can you give us an introduction on the history of InmotionHosting?

InMotion Hosting was started back in February of 2001, with offices in Virginia Beach, VA and Los Angeles, CA. Through a dedicated service, our employees average 4 years of experience in web hosting, and are under the backing of the staff that has an average of 11 years worth of experience. Such credentials of the workforce, which was nurtured over the span of 10 years, have made our company a respectable force in the hosting industry.

What are the targeted markets of your products?

We are definitely geared towards the small-medium sized businesses, who understand the value in our products and services. There is a huge difference between our business class host services and the “other guys.” If you need your website to be a representation of your business, InMotion Hosting is for you. You don't want to entrust your business with other hosting companies that are not business oriented.

What makes InmotionHosting different to other hosting companies?

We specialize in Business Class Hosting, which could mean the difference between the success or demise of your online efforts. There are free hosting companies out there, but you would never see a professional company such as Amazon or ebay using these. They don't convey a sense of professionalism. We want people to realize that there are different types of providers within the web hosting industry, and that they do make a difference. We like to think of ourselves as the Cadillac of Hosting services. We are also a 3 Star CNET Certified hosting company for 8 years straight and running.

Why should somebody choose InmotionHosting over another host?

One of the features we offer is the ability to grow with your business as it expands. Other companies may offer just one type of hosting plan. We have a variety of services, from shared hosting, to VPS, all the way up to dedicated servers. So instead of having your business move to another hosting service, we can easily transfer you from one platform to another without any downtime. This is essential to businesses who need flexibility in their hosting environment.

Can you talk something about your data center and servers?

Because we have data centers on both the East and West coasts, our customers will experience speeds up to 6xs faster than other hosting companies. This is inline with our business oriented mentality to make sure things run at optimal speeds. InMotion is also the only hosting company to offer Max Speed Zones. Our Los Angeles data center is also green certified, so that allows us to be environmentally conscious as well.

What InmotionHosting have done to achieve high customer satisfaction?

The only interaction the end user has with our company after their purchase is with our support team. We make sure they are all trained and work in-house here in our US offices. This allows us to maintain the level of quality we have had for the past decade. We also offer the customer 24/7/365 support via chat, phone, and e-mail.

How do you see the web hosting market changing in the upcoming few years, and what InmotionHosting will do to prepare for this change?

Web pages will become more of an extension of an individual, and the audience will start to understand the difference between a good and bad host. Just a few years ago, if you had a website, you were considered to be professional. Nowadays, with the ease of CMS tools like WordPress and Drupal, it is hard to find someone who hasn't tried to create an online presence. E-commerce sites bring out the entrepreneurial aspect of that person, wanting to make it big on the net. As more and more people try different hosting companies, there will be a clearer understanding of which companies are considered to be for the professionals. Because our standards now are above and beyond others, we believe we are ready for this type of shift in the market.

About InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting is a leading Business hosting service provider, which has been industry for over 10 years. The company is well-known for offering high quality web hosting solutions from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, to dedicated Server.  InmotionHosting is also one of few web host who guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and 90 days full money back.

Below is the customer review summary of Inmotionhosting, to know more about it, please visit www.inmotionhosting.com.

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