Why SSL Certificates Are Important

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Today there are hundreds of websites online that are selling their products and services. For the transaction to be complete there needs to be an exchange of money. This exchange happens online and therefore is capable of exposing the customers to the hackers and other malware. It is for the safety of the customers that your website should have SSL certificate. But, many website owners think that ssl certificates price is very high and they do not want to pay so much of money for it.

There are many criminal minded people that are always in the lookout for a chance to get hold of the personal details of the customers. This is not a good thing for your website because it causes your credibility to come down and once the customers’ personal details are hacked you lose the customer and their contacts too start avoiding you. 

The SSL certificates state that you have your website protected and the customer can choose you and rely upon you without fear. Secure Socket Layer is a technology that is recognized worldwide as standard security. This technology is able to send the details of the customers in an encrypted way so that during transit between the web server and the web browser, the data remain illegible and useless.

The data that needs protection during transit include:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Emails

The SSL is the only way by which you can keep any kind of third party out of the conversation between the website and the customer. So, this is actually a digital certificate that remains installed on the webserver and is mainly serving two important functions and they are

  • It proves to the customer that the website that they are dealing is not a fake or bogus one and that they can rely on that website.
  • It encrypts the data being transmitted over internet.

Why SSL certificate price is different for different certificates?

The reason why SSL certificate price is different for different certificates is that there are many different types of certificates. This mainly depends on the number of domain names and sub-domains that are owned by the certificate. For example a single SSL certificate will only secure one domain or a sub-domain name while the wild card entitles the certificate to cover one domain name but this also cover unlimited number of sub-domains under that domain. The third type is the Multi Domain certificate that covers many domain names.

The difference is also due to the level of the validation that is required before the certificate can be issued. There are three levels of verification that is needed for SSL certificate. The first is domain validation and it is the cheapest of the three. This validation just takes into account the encryption and verifies the owner of the name on which the domain has been registered. You may have to wait for one minute to few hours to get this certificate. The second type of validation is Organizational Validation. This validation requires verification of basic encryption and the verification of the ownership of the domain name along with a few other details of the owner of the website such as the name and the address of the owner. You may need to wait from few hours to few days before you can get the certificate. The third form of validation is extended validation. This is the highest level of validation and is given only after the extensive examination that is carried out before the issuing of the certificate. Apart from the basic encryption and registration and ownership various other aspects are verified such as legal, physical existence, operational existence etc. is checked thoroughly. For this certificate too you will need to wait for few hours to few days.

There are many Certificate Authorities that are responsible for the issuance of SSL certificates. These organizations hold the responsibility to carry out the following functions

  • Accept the application for the certificate
  • Authentication of the application
  • Issuing of the certificate
  • Keep record of the status of the issued certificates

There are also available digital certificates and this you can get from the domain name registrar or the hosting provider. But, while getting the digital certificate the most important factor that one must keep in mind before choosing the SSL provider for the issuance of the SSL certificate is that your certificate must be signed by the approved Certificate authority on the list of the web browsers. If the digital certificate is signed by someone no on the approved list the user will get a message with warning stating that your website is not trustworthy.

There are many ways by which the users of your web services and products would come to know such as

  • There is a padlock present on the left of the URL
  • The URL starts with https instead of http
  • There is also a trust seal
  • The address bar is green when there is EV SSL certificate given

It must be remembered that customer confidence is the most important thing for the success of any website requiring the customers to share their personal details on the internet through your website. If you choose an SSL certificate that cheaper then you may be losing out on the potential customers. The ssl certificate price is indicative of the quality of validation it provides and therefore you must not take chances and go with the best of best SSL certificate.

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