Why use Email Hosting Service  

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Why use Email Hosting Service   

There are various reasons on why it is worth on spending on purchasing an Email Hosting Service for Enterprise purpose. Having an email hosting service provides for an enterprise a unique experience – the trust and goodwill of the customers. The following would explain the reasons why you  need to have an Enterprise Email Hosting solution

  • Trust of the Company - With the increase in the number of frauds online, it does become difficult to get the trust of the customers. Using free email hosting will not give the attention you require. Whereas using paid email hosting, at the email address, you could find the employee Ids of yours and your employees’. It does create trust and brand among the customers. So it is always recommended that you use hosted service which helps in establishing reputation among present and past customers.
  • Communication that is secured – The confidentialty of the information needs to be secured for customers as the do not wish information is leaked to the third party. The best option is to buy email hosting service and not use email service that is third party. This does provide security on the information through various channels of communication. You can even subscribe for firewall service for the service so that emails can be protected against viruses
  • Having customized and larger space for storage - For corporates, having free email storage does give you less storage capacity which will not be sufficient. It could  be a huge loss if an important mail is lost due to lack of storage facility. Buying email hosting service for enterprise, mail boxes that are large in size could reduce the risk of space storage for customers. Based on the requirement of the company, you could have any number of email accounts.
  • Technical Support - Using paid email hosting service could give you technical support whenever you need and keep your email system working at all times. Whenever there is failure of email delivery, you could get log report and even analysis. This could help to take actions to correct oneself without making loss for business.
  • Advance features in Email Services that is used in Mobile Devices -  Having advanced features for email providers does help in developing businesses for a longer period. For example, use of schedulers that are built in that is used to operate calendar tasks. You could access through mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones etc  features such as contacts, tasks, calendar etc. This makes you connected with your employees and other colleagues and increase the efficiency of the company. From anywhere, right from your home, office or from the place you are, travelling etc, you could do business anywhere.

Hosting email is an operational expense and since it involves various users and there are large in numbers, costs that are monthly are highly predictable. Depending on which service provider you choose, you could get synchronization tools, appications that help in increasing productivity etc.

No storage and infrastructure for storage is required -  You could increase the base of your users without thinking of the costs or any issues of adding extra disk space or server upgradation.

Maintainance of the software – Patch work can be done automatically as there are various processes like upgradation of software, application installation, anti virus and anti spam facility. So moving to the next version will not be a great problem.

Having backups and disaster recovery in the process -  Having backups could help in concentrating less on administrative work and having peace of mind as any issue, backups could solve the issue. Since email is offsite stored, there is no need to worry in case of recovery in case of any disaster happening. Wherever hosting of email is done,  you can be protected against any disaster whether regional or local.

Managing mailboxes -  Using hosting mail, there is no more adjustment manually group and individual limits inorder to manage space.

In hosting email, you do  have various options such as how the users need to connect  to email. Is it through email, webmail or through client email. Such questions do give you the approach that is best for the organization. As for the price factor, it is important that it is included as monthly cost for operating in the IT budget. Email hosting does add to operating and capital costs. Regardless of what you choose as a solution, factors do affect the price which include the requirement of space, users that you support and features such as synchronization.

Email hosting does provide various solutions. So once you decide to do a research on choosing the right email hosting service, you need to first list out the various features that are important for you now and in the coming future. Once you have understood and identified your requirements, you can then choose a vendor who could give you the email hosting service that you are looking for and get the plan that is best for you possible.

With so many email hosting services that is paid, you can even have customized package to suit the needs of the company. You could compare with the various email solutions that are for corporate use and which can help to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.

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