Wix Coordinates with Google to Help Users be Found Online

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There is no denying the fact that SEO is the toughest thing to master by the small businesses and organizations. It is imperative to rank high on Google search to bring about a significant success to one’s online business. To ensure the same, Wix has teamed up with Google. A new tool has been released for the Wix users that will help them in being found easily on Google. 

The new tool by Wix is referred to as “SEO Wiz”. This tool is responsible for creating personalized plans for the Wix users. This will help them in the optimization of every single page of the Wix website. The SEO Wiz also provides effective SEO analysis of the different Wix sites. In addition to this, the tool offers customized recommendations to the site owners based on the desired set of keywords and overall website information.

As per the statements released by Wix, the new SEO Wiz tool would offer regular updates every time the website would reach a significant SEO benchmark. The updates would be in the form of the page indexed on Google, the number of clicks from the search results and so more. With the help of this update, the business owners will be able to evaluate the progress of the site.

Wix has teamed up with Google Search Console for allowing the users to achieve the indexing of their websites on Google with the help of a single click. This will also help the users to be able to connect to Google Search Console for getting detailed information about the performance of their site in the Google Search engine.

The Head of Wix Search Products, Sarig Reichert said in a statement that they understand the value of traffic for the Wix websites, especially for the business owners. They believe that Wix is offering the users the best possible solution with the help of the new tool SEO Wiz. This will help the Wix users to set up their sites with much ease and to be found online quickly. The product integration with Google Search Console advances the ability of the sites to be found easily on the leading search engines of the world. 

Google Search Console lead Michael Fink said that it has been quite interesting to work in coordination with Wix to ensure that greater content would be submitted to the Google Search with the help of one click from SEO Wiz tool.

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