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Wix and Jimdo are two of the most popular DIY website builders. Sharing a lot of similarities of fine advertising and providing user-friendly plans on the surface, it could be quite confusing when choosing between Wix and Jimdo. In order to help you save your time and effort, this tutorial is going to analyze and compare the two website builders in detail, introducing their wide range of the highlighted functionalities. By giving our opinions on which website builder is better for each feature, we hope that you can make your own decision after reading it.


Popularity is difficult to measure and it could be misleading because most people judge it according to how many users are using one website builder. According to Wix user base data, Wix has over 73 million registered users with about 45,000 new users joining every day at the time, among whom more than 1.6 million are premium paid plans subscribers, taking account for a yearly growth of 46% of all registered users.

Wix users and subscribers

Meanwhile, Jimdo is also one of the major website builders across the world. Up to now, the company has helped create more than 15 million websites.

Actually, the data of total registered users should not be attached with too much emphasis on determining which one is more popular. The proportion of premium plan users should also be taken into consideration. However, Jimdo does not disclose this part of data.

In a word, Wix is obviously more popular than Jimdo according to this metric and the Google trend of which website builder people are searching on the internet.


Wix offers both free plan and four premium paid plans. Wix free plan includes all the basic functions to create a stunning website, but if customers choose to upgrade to Wix premium plans, they can remove Wix advert from the websites and enjoy more features at a special 50% discount. The starting price for unlimited premium plan is only $6.21/mo. If customers choose to subscribe for one year or more, they will have more discounts.

Jimdo has a quite different pricing strategy from Wix, which is simpler. JimdoFree plan is now and forever free, including everything customers need to start a website arranging from professional templates to mobile view. If you sign up for JimdoFree account, you don’t even need to fill in credit card information. JimdoPro and JimdoBuisness, the two premium plans offered by Jimdo, includes extra stunning features of eCommerce sites and fully integrated offerings for email features.

Jimdo Pricing

Ease to Use

Wix is a blank canvas website builder, meaning they offers a pure drag and drop editor that customers can drag any element to any section on the Wix webpage. Wix well-thought-out structure provides customers with two areas, Dashboard and Editor stated. These two areas make it possible that customers could easily edit every element and every widget by simply dragging contents to wherever customers want on Wix webpages in a WYSIWYG editing environment.

Jimdo promises to provide easy to use drag and drop editor and intuitive interface, which only take a few steps to add contents to the Jimdo webpages. Jimdo is also advertised as a versatile website builder, offering excellent eCommerce building service and their own blogging engine. However, some parts of Jimdo theme selection and editing styles are quite old, making users feel incoherence from the interface. Recently, Jimdo adds a new clipboard, making it easier to move elements from one webpage to another. The new Jimdo interface turns more attractive than before, but Jimdo is still confusing and there is no guidance along the process of creating websites.

Compared with Wix, Jimdo still needs to get improved in the aspect of ease to use. And if you want more flexibility to drag and drop contents in the template with no technical skills required, Wix is a better choice for you.

Template Library

When it comes to the comparison in terms of template, Wix can be very impressive with hundreds of template layouts from all kinds of industries, professional design and very beautiful looking. With more than 500 HTML5-based templates available for customers to choose and all the layouts and designs already done, all customers have to do is to choose one template that they need and swap in their own texts, pictures and information. However, as every element on Wix template could be edited and changed, it is impossible for many functions to work in other website building environment, so Wix users could not change into another template or export website contents once they choose one.

Jimdo provides more than 130 modern designed templates available for customers to choose from, which is much smaller than Wix template library. Jimdo users can choose one of the ready templates to create their own websites, enjoying the custom template features by using web developing skills. What’s more, Jimdo users have access to HTML and CSS editor, able to insert and edit the codes and customizing their websites. Every Jimdo template is optimized for mobile devices viewing, and it allows customers to switch from one template to another.

Although Jimdo templates are not as professional as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, the company keeps improving and has already introduced more professional designed themes and new features to Jimdo template library.

Third Party Apps

Wix provides unique third party tools in Wix App Market, offering a lot of advanced controls to extend the functionalities of Wix websites. Customers can enjoy these Wix highlighted third party applications in just a single click of button. With all kinds of add-ons in Wix App Market such as Contact Manager, SEO Tools, Communication Tools, Shoutout Emails, Financial tools, Wix is absolutely a leading website builder in the industry in terms of this.

Wix App Market

Jimdo lists popular third party tools and widgets compatible with Jimdo websites for customers to add. Together there are five categories, and Jimdo recommends a top 20 widgets on Jimdo official blog. However, users complained that Jimdo third party apps cannot meet the regular needs as Jimdo site elements are out of time.

Customer Support

Wix is famous for its friendly customer support via phone from 6am to 5pm PST, 24/7 email and comprehensive Wix Support Center. Wix phone support enables users to schedule a time, waiting for Wix specialist to call back. And Wix VIP plan users enjoy direct access to Wix VIP support team. Besides, the online knowledge base and Wix community forum enable customers to solve the problems on their own by referring to video tutorials and discussions.

Jimdo provides live chat support and email support. Users in different plans enjoy different customer support from Jimdo online Support Center, meaning that JimdoBusiness users could get priority support under any circumstances. Jimdo online video tutorials on YouTube are also comprehensive enough to cover all kinds of hot topics from getting started to detailed website features. Jimdo community forum in eight multiple languages enables users to post questions and interact with Jimdo expert in no time.


For starters and most of potential customers who want to build professional websites without technical skills, Wix with easy to use drag and drop editor is definitely a good choice. Although Jimdo leaves more freedom to customization, the company still needs to get improved in updating old interface, enlarging template library and adding third party applications.

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