WP Engine Helps WordPress Users Upgrade to PHP 7

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WP Engine has recently declared that they will help the users of the WordPress to help adopt the PHP 7. This environment will be offered by the WP Engine to all the users and customers. It will also be offered to the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker plugin. This plugin was launched by the WP Engine a few months ago. 

The upgrade strategy to the PHP 7 is quite easy. As per the claims of the WP Engine, it will be quite smooth to all the customers and users. WP Engine has performed in-depth testing such that the customers find it quite easy to upgrade to PHP 7. 

To accelerate the upgrading and the acceptance of the PHP 7 by the customers worldwide on the WordPress sites, WP Engine declared that it will offer PHP 7 working environment to all its customers and users. This announcement was made on Monday, 6th March 2017. This event comes after the launch of the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker plugin by the WP Engine for the WordPress sites. 

To those who are new to this environment, they must first understand the underlying concept of the PHP. PHP is an open-source language that works on the server side and can be considered to be a development language for the WordPress sites. After 2004, PHP 7 is the most advanced and updated version of PHP. WP Engine claims that with the help of PHP 7, the WordPress sites will be able to perform way faster than the previous versions. Therefore, PHP 7 can enhance the overall performance of the WordPress sites. 

WP Engine has declared that it will be quite easy for the WordPress users or customers to upgrade to PHP 7. WP Engine has assured all of its around 60,000 users and customers that they can upgrade from the older version of PHP to the latest version of PHP 7 with much ease. 

CTO of WP Engine, Jason Cohen said that around just 6.2% of the entire community of the WordPress have adopted PHP 7 in their working environment until February 2017. He added that their dedicated team has made it quite easy to test whether a particular WordPress site is ready for PHP 7 or not. This is enabled with the help of the compatibility checker plugin in the WordPress sites that has been developed by the WP Engine. Therefore, with the use of this effective plugin, it becomes relatively simpler for the users to upgrade to PHP 7 in no time. WP Engine claims to upgrade the performance levels in terms of speed and quality to deliver enhanced WordPress applications. These applications will improve the digital experiences of the users and the customers – whether they are individuals, small businesses or large brand names.

To those who are yet not convinced to upgrade their WordPress sites to PHP 7, can understand the special features offered by the PHP 7. This will help them to decide the adoption of the PHP 7 in their working environments:

Great Speed of Site: PHP 7 is capable of handling the hits that are uncached as much as two-three times faster than the previous version.

Better Efficiency of Resources: An upgrade to PHP 7 can bring about 30-50 percent improvement in the consumption of memory and other resources.

Better Error Handling: With the help of the PHP 7, it becomes easier to find and remove any kind of bugs in the overall system.

Better Servicing of Customers: With the help of PHP 7, the users can be assured of better servicing of the concurrent users that can be three times the requests per second as the previous version. In addition to this, PHP 7 also ensures better handling of the bigger amount of traffic to the WordPress sites. 

The availability of the PHP 7 to the owners of the WordPress sites is made quite simple as well. WP Engine has taken the initiatives to help the customers across the world in the improvement of the speed of the web page. In addition to the speed, special attention is also given to overall page performance. This is improved with the help of an integrated tool that has been embedded into the dashboard of the users. In July last year, WP Engine had declared the provision of HTTP/2 support to the WordPress users. This support was aimed at reducing the latency rate of the web pages and for bringing about effective improvement in the SEO services for the WordPress sites.

WP Engine is not the single provider of the web hosting services to announce the launch of the PHP 7 in its services. Bluehost too had announced to offer PHP 7 to the WordPress users or the customers, in January this year.

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