Youku CDN Business Merged With Alibaba Cloud, Reducing CDN Price Up to 35%

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Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group, recently announced that it has completed the combination of Youku CDN business and video cloud business as well as team integration. After the merger, Alibaba Cloud will be the largest CDN business provider in China with customers of more than 200,000 and bandwidth capacity of over 40T, business covering different fields, including video, finance, ecommerce, medical, live, and etc.

Content delivery network (CDN) generally refers to the transparent backbone of the internet in charge of content delivery. A CDN’s mission is to virtually shorten the physical distance between visitors and the website’s hosting server, improving site rendering speed and performance.

“In the very near future, more than 90 percent of internet traffic will come from video, cloud service providers like Alibaba Cloud are able to greatly promote the development of video industry,” said Zhu Zhaoyuan, the general manager of Alibaba Video Cloud.

Specifically, Alibaba Cloud CDN can offer online and broadcast video websites as AcFun and Youku high definition video streaming with high concurrency and low latency based on its rock solid cloud infrastructure as well as support, delivering smooth and fast 4K Ultra HD streaming video experience to viewers. On the other side, for live streaming platforms like YY Live and Laifeng Live, they can still benefit from Alibaba Cloud CDN’s large-scale, distributed, real-time transcoding solutions. 

Upon the integration of Youku resources, Alibaba Cloud rolled out a new cloud video solution that offers massive storage, efficient distribution, speed network, AI video, and other services for finance, ecommerce, medical, as well as education field. Alibaba Cloud CDN service will be perfectly suitable for short video, live game broadcasting, live streaming video, telemedicine, enterprise distance visual conference, and so on so forth.

Along with the release of Alibaba Cloud CDN business is the company starts selling its CDN service at sharp discounts. Users are allowed to receive as high as 35% discount off, making the price as low as only0.17/GB. Additionally, the company has changed its charging policies from excess-progressive method to ladder-to-reach method, which means that the cost of service will be based on the ladder that your amount of data transfer is in. However, this is even not the first time that Alibaba Cloud has slashed CDN prices. The company announced to cut 21% off existing CDN pricing earlier in May 2015, leading to price of Alibaba Cloud CDN only half of traditional CDN solutions. 

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